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About SSP

The Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP), founded in 1978, is a nonprofit organization formed to promote and advance communication among all sectors of the scholarly publication community through networking, information dissemination, and facilitation of new developments in the field.

SSP members represent all aspects of scholarly publishing — including publishers, printers, e-products developers, technical service providers, librarians, and editors. SSP members come from a wide range of large and small commercial and nonprofit organizations. They meet at SSP’s annual meetings, educational seminars, and regional events to hear the latest trends from respected colleagues and to discuss common and mutual (and sometimes divergent) goals and viewpoints.

SSP is governed by a Board of Directors, and its many activities are managed by committees, which report to the Board. To volunteer for an SSP committee, please complete the volunteer form.

Mission Statement

To advance scholarly publishing and communication, and the professional development of its members, through education, collaboration, and networking.

Vision Statement

SSP will be recognized by members and the global publishing community as the first place to turn for information and dialogue on current and emerging issues in scholarly communication.

Core Values

Community Bringing diverse stakeholders together to harness their collective knowledge and unique perspectives; creating connections that result in authentic relationships.

Inclusivity Providing equitable opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to feel welcome to contribute their thoughts and ideas to the scholarly publishing community.

Adaptability Challenging the status quo, embracing new ideas, and maintaining effectiveness in an evolving environment; learning from mistakes to improve all aspects of scholarly communications.

Integrity Building trust through responsible actions, transparency, respect, and honest relationships.

Strategic Goals

Embed diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in all that we do
Actively ensure that we are intentional about incorporating DEIA in all our activities and programs, identifying and addressing areas of specific strategic importance that enable us to build a more diverse and inclusive community of members and participants

Make SSP a home for scholarly communications professionals at every career stage
Provide opportunities for both leadership and career advancement and mobility for all career levels through continuing education, networking, and mentorship for scholarly communications professionals

Engage with the global scholarly communications community
Seek opportunities for SSP and our members to engage with and learn from individuals and organizations with a broad range of expertise, experience, perspectives, and knowledge from around the world —working in and adjacent to our community

Develop new content and services
Explore opportunities for content, programming, and other services to enhance the value of membership and the range and diversity of resources for our members and the wider community

Ensure SSP’s continued financial sustainability
Diversify revenue by exploring opportunities for a balanced distribution of revenue from programs and services, to ensure that we can continue to support the work of SSP staff, committees, and the wider community