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SSP Social Networking Policy for Members

The Society for Scholarly Publishing’s social networking sites provide an opportunity for members and others to exchange news and information, with or without commentary, insights, and opinions, with the aim of helping to advance SSP’s mission:

The mission of the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) is to advance scholarly publishing and communication, and the professional development of its members, through education, collaboration, and networking.

SSP maintains an official presence on the social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use of these sites, and others similar to them, requires that those who post should comply with all applicable state, federal, and international laws governing defamation, discrimination, harassment, and copyright and fair use.

The following guidelines are intended to emphasize the courteous, collaborative nature of social networking, while protecting SSP from liability and other misconduct.

SSP advises against posts that

  1. could reflect negatively on or otherwise embarrass SSP, other organizations, or individuals;
  2. contain personal contact information;
  3. show disrespect for the privacy of others;
  4. contain ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity, or other socially unacceptable language, regardless of setting;
  5. contain profanity, off-color or sexual humor, or content related to drug or alcohol abuse;
  6. promote products or services, unless the latter are posted in the Promotions section of LinkedIn.