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Mentorship Program

Please note: Our Mentorship program is not accepting applications at this time. The next application window will open in January 2023.

About the Program

The SSP Mentorship program connects professionals at all career levels and provides both mentors and mentees opportunities to develop new relationships, share experiences, and learn from others outside their organizations. It enables established professionals to serve as mentors as a way of giving back to the industry and paying forward the support and guidance they received during the development of their careers. The program aims to connect members of SSP for the purposes of professional development, information exchange, networking, personal growth, and career advancement.

Mentorship is a proven approach to advancing in one’s career, particularly for those new in their field or place of employment. Mentorship goes beyond training and education by helping newcomers navigate through the sometimes confusing or complex situations they can face. Mentors and mentees can be of any age or career stage. 

Mentors benefit by giving back to the field, enjoying the satisfaction and impact of sharing their knowledge and experience, expanding their networks, and learning new things from their mentee, to name a few. Mentees benefit from new and diverse perspectives on their work, expanding their networks, gaining a sounding board for ideas and projects, and increasing their sense of self-worth and belonging.

Mentorship can help scholarly publishing professionals identify potential career paths by expanding their knowledge of career options within the industry and providing learning experiences outside of their workplaces. It can help shape the future leaders of scholarly communications through expansion of their professional competencies, and, therefore, cultivate a diverse and high-quality pool of candidates in the workforce in the process. Mentorship is a critical component to attracting a more diverse workforce. By providing opportunities for professionals new to scholarly communications to make new contacts and feel welcome in our community, participants are supported in efforts to keep our community growing by recognizing differences as an opportunity to learn.

How It Works

Mentors and mentees apply online to participate in a mentorship cohort or a group of mentors and mentees that begin and end the program during the same timeframe. Each mentorship cohort will last 6 months. Each cohort will have a published open and close date and accept a limited number of participants. Mentees and mentors are matched by the Career Development Committee. Mentor relationships are one-to-one matches. Professional development activities, however, include group calls/meetings with all mentors and mentees so mentees can be exposed to other mentors.

A mentor can have multiple mentees, but a mentee can only have one mentor per cohort within the SSP Mentorship Program. A member can be a mentor and a mentee at the same time; however, first-time participants will be given preference for open spaces. Interested members should apply via an online application. Members can reapply for each cohort; however, precedence will be given to first-time mentees.

Mentors and mentees must agree to abide by the SSP Mentorship Code of Conduct. The mentor and mentee should meet at least once a month, but can more meet more frequently if they choose. Suggested meeting length is 30-60 minutes.  Meetings can be in-person, via telephone, or by other virtual means. The mentor and mentee are required to attend the orientation and virtual discussion groups. The Mentorship Program Handbook provides guidance for mentors and mentees as they navigate the Program.

Program Eligibility

  1. All participants, mentors, and mentees must be current members of SSP.
  2. All membership types, including post-secondary student members with an interest in publishing/library sciences, are eligible to participate in the program.
  3. Mentors are required to have at least 3 years of experience in scholarly communication. Mentees do not need to have any experience to apply.
  4. Interested members must apply to participate in the program. A limited number of places per mentorship cohort are available. Selection for participation is determined by the committee/SSP and based on application responses. Precedence will be given to first-time mentees applicants over those having participated previously in the program as a mentee. We strongly encourage people from traditionally marginalized groups to apply to be a mentor or mentee.
  5. Applications must be received by the posted deadline for consideration in a given mentorship cohort.

Supporting the SSP Mentorship Program

SSP would like to thank program sponsors, American Geophysical Union and ITHAKA.

For organizations interested in supporting the SSP Mentorship Program, $1,000 sponsorship packages are available. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please download the SSP Media Kit or contact Christina DeRose at parnterships@sspnet.org.


The Mentorship Program is made possible by the Generations Fund. Generous donations from members and industry endow the Generations Fund to allow SSP the resources, in perpetuity, to continue this program. Click here to learn more, or make a gift to help us reach our $500,000 goal.