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Listen, Engage, Repeat: Lessons from the Front Line of Engagement

Concurrent 1A: Listen, Engage, Repeat: Lessons from the Front Line of Engagement

The scholarly ecosystem is more interconnected than ever before and the flow of research and communication no longer follows a linear path defined by publishers. New technologies and new channels offer academics the ability to interact with peers at all stages of their career around the world in real time, and to engage with a broader audience in ways that were not previously possible. With more academic content than it would ever be possible to read being published, shared, critiqued and discussed online every day, how can those involved in the publishing and research generation process make the most of the opportunity that this more open and connected environment provides? In this session we’ll explore the ways publishers, societies, and other organizations are actively engaging with their related communities to support and grow a mutually beneficial dialogue. We’ll look at how they have developed and are managing their ongoing initiatives; what objectives they are aiming to achieve through them – and how this might benefit them in the long term. Each panelist will cover an overview of the aims and activities being undertaken by their organizations; and share their experience of monitoring the outcomes of these efforts. The end of the session will feature a discussion and Q&A, during which the audience will be invited to put their own ideas and questions to the panelists.