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Making Data Sharing the New Normal: Progress and Challenges

Session 1C: Making Data Sharing the New Normal: Progress and Challenges

The case for open data to support good research practice is increasingly inarguable. Open access to research data can help speed the pace of discovery and deliver more value by enabling reuse and reducing duplication. Good data practice also makes research more efficient, effective and fulfilling for researchers.

A survey conducted in 2017 by Springer Nature with more than 7000 researchers found that, despite the known benefits, there is still a significant proportion of data that is not being shared. The survey explored some of the main challenges for researchers in data sharing, including how data is organized; knowledge of copyright and licensing; knowledge about repositories; time; and costs.

This panel will explore these initial findings, with insights from the publishing, funder, library and research communities to review the challenges to implementing good data sharing, and what it will take to make data sharing the norm for all researchers.