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Strategic Planning: That Was Supposed to Happen!

Concurrent 1B: Strategic Planning: That Was Supposed to Happen!

It’s true – everyone loves it when a plan comes together. Determining which plan meets your organization’s goals and needs is a crucial part of the process. This session will provide a diverse set of case studies covering strategic planning, including: 1) The Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group (JNSPG) held their first-ever strategic planning retreat to develop a bold plan for the future of their journals. They identified key goals and surveyed stakeholders, and the result is the ” Tradition – Transition – Transformation” strategic plan. 2) When the Biophysical Society launched Biophysics Week in 2016, they included a Google Hangout, Career Webinar, Capitol Hill Briefing, a scientific Webinar, and Biophysics Bobbi/y in addition to an Affiliate Event Schedule. Join us to hear how they determined the goals, key objectives, and diverse schedule of events, and how they defined success metrics. 3) As IOP Publishing’s core journal business has expanded, the needs and goals of the organization have evolved, and strategic planning to address these is critical for a society publisher competing within a commercial market. Through a review of its programs and planning and implementation of strategic elements, IOPP has reorganized a core division, redefined its mission, refreshed its approach as a global business, and refocused on the inherent strengths and potential synergies of its journals and publishing partnerships programs.