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The Art and Science of Selling Libraries

Concurrent 6A: The Art and Science of Selling Libraries

This session will offer hands-on, practical, and current best practices for scholarly publishers–particularly small and/or non-profit society publishers–and their sales programs in both mature and developing markets. Specific topics to be addressed:

  • Identifying the decision maker, developing the relationship, and closing the sale
  • Understanding the needs, roles, and basic organizational structure of the research library
  • Direct sales, agency representation, and aggregators– how to choose the right mix and people for domestic, mature, and developing markets
  • How to successfully grapple with obstacles such as shrinking or flat budgets and unfavorable exchange rates (particularly relevant for sales to Canadian and Australia/New Zealand institutions)
  • How to successfully position your product(s) against the large commercial publishers’ Big Deal(s) and other product offerings
  • The integrated marketing and sales campaign: how to use social media, email, the phone, and your CRM to deploy a winning one-two punch!
  • The role of consortia in the institutional sales process