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Emerging Leader Award Criteria

Established in 2012, this award recognizes an SSP member, working in the scholarly communication field for approximately the last 1-8 years, who has demonstrated their potential through outstanding service and contribution on an SSP committee or task force and has made innovative contributions to their field. The award will be announced and presented at the SSP Annual Meeting.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Is an SSP member in good standing.

  2. Began working in the scholarly communication field within approximately the last 1-8 years.

  3. Has demonstrated leadership abilities on an SSP committee or task force.

Nomination Process

Any SSP member may submit a nomination packet suggesting an SSP Emerging Leader Award candidate. Self-nominations are accepted. NOTE: Please do not submit a nomination packet unless the suggested candidate has agreed to be nominated.

Materials to Submit

  1. Eligibility Verification:
    • When did the nominee begin working in scholarly communications?
    • When and how did the nominee get involved with SSP?
    • What relevant work on an SSP committee or task force has the nominee been involved with?

  2. A summary (300-500 words) explaining why the nominee deserves the honor, with specific examples of demonstrated leadership/innovation abilities. In preparing this summary, please provide details explaining how the nominee has demonstrated the award criteria and leadership qualities below.

  3. One letter/recommendation from a mentor or supervisor of the nominee in support of the nomination. NOTE: This should come from a person other than the nominator.

Award Criteria

  1. Demonstrated record of service and leadership within SSP through participation on committees/task forces or as a speaker/author/mentor for SSP programs.

  2. Contributions to the field of scholarly communications with impacts that reach beyond benefiting one’s employer.

  3. Exceptional service and dedication to improving the field that goes above and beyond one’s normal range of responsibilities.

Leadership Qualities

Ambitious Go-getter (Above and Beyond)
Communicator Honest (Integrity)
Confident Mentor
Consistent Motivator/Inspirer
Creative Open (Good Listener)
Decision Maker Passionate/Enthusiastic
Dedicated/Responsible Problem Solver
Educator Visionary

Deadline for Submissions

If you know an individual who meets these criteria (or are one!), please consider nominating them for the Emerging Leader Award when the next application period opens in February 2025.