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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commitment

The Society for Scholarly Publishing is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. A cornerstone of SSP’s strategic plan is to foster DE&I in our community through demonstrated leadership in the effort to expand the diversity of professionals working in scholarly communications. 

We recognize a shared responsibility to create and maintain a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for the benefit of all. SSP encourages a culture of inclusion through awareness, outreach, and striving for diverse and balanced representation across all programs. 

Mission Statement

SSP’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is charged with providing education and resources to members about diversity and inclusion within their workplaces, and providing direction to SSP volunteers about how they can model diversity and inclusion practices in the work that they are doing on behalf of the organization.

The DE&I Committee has set forth a plan of action with three main objectives:

  1. Educate membership on building communities that prioritize and value Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  2. Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in scholarly publishing.
  3. Improve our ability to support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives within the organization.

Programmatic and Operational Efforts to Date

SSP has been committed to building a diverse and inclusive environment since 2017 when we convened our first Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force, which is now a full Committee. We actively infuse our work with equitable values, including providing leadership as a founding member of the Coalition for Diversity and Inclusion in Scholarly Publishing (C4DISC), an intraorganizational body of trade and professional organizations formed to discuss and address issues of diversity and inclusion. Furthermore, SSP:

  • Actively recruits diverse voices for The Scholarly Kitchen, webinars, and other SSP programming, including ensuring diversity among speakers and keynotes for the SSP Annual Meeting.
  • Creates educational content focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion for The Scholarly Kitchen, webinars, annual meetings, and other SSP programming each year.
  • Includes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee liaisons on all SSP committees to ensure prioritization of diversity, equity, and inclusion goals for all programs.
  • Practices inclusive recruitment for our early-career support programs like the SSP Fellows (24% international representation) and the SSP Mentorship Programs (18 countries represented participants).
  • Curates a Scholarly Publishing DE&I Resource Forum on our C3 community platform.
  • Enforces a code of conduct, since 2016, which underscores a zero-tolerance approach to racism and any other forms of discrimination or abuse.
  • Sets a proactive example for the industry at the highest level of SSP leadership through our diverse Board of Directors
  • Sponsors the student-run GW Journal of Ethics in Publishing—which covers topics including diversity and inclusion, accessibility, peer review, open access, sustainability, publishing metrics, and equity—by providing access to resources and mentorship for students working on the journal. 
  • Supports research initiatives such as the Workplace Equity Survey to better understand DE&I issues in the industry. 

Funding the Work

The Generations Fund, a board-approved endowment with a $500,000 goal, was established with the purpose of providing “sustainable funding for the Society for Scholarly Publishing’s initiatives and programs…[to] include the organization’s Fellowship Program, Mentorship Program, and the initiatives of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.” Donations to the Generations Fund will continue SSP’s commitment to DE&I by funding future initiatives that will be responsive to the evolving issue.

Have suggestions? Get in touch with the DE&I committee.

Scholarly Publishing DE&I Resource Forum

Driven by SSP’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion committee, the Scholarly Publishing DE&I Resource Forum is a place to share resources that will help our industry tackle multiple challenges as scholarly publishing adapts to a broader world. The forum is open to SSP members and non-members to share resources and ask questions. As these issues can be sensitive, please remember to be aware of the intent and impact of your speech. Please review the Terms of Use/Community Rules and Etiquette before posting.

Committee members are invited to visit the DE&I community on C3 to view member resources.