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2009 SSP 31st Annual Meeting, Marriott Baltimore Waterfront, Baltimore, MD

Concurrent 2D: Building Social Collaboration Tools….

A Practical Guide for Scholarly Publishers


Philip Roberts
Philip Roberts is the End-User Business Analyst at CABI Publishing, a global publishing, information management, and international development organisation focused on Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Philip has held several roles within CABI, including one year as the Environmental Content Development, followed by three years as Business Innovations Executive. Prior to joining CABI, Philip worked as a freelance statistician and obtained a PhD in Ecological Statistics from the University of Birmingham, U.K.

Philip is known to be one of the early adopters of gadgets within CABI and has been a beta tester on a couple of data visualisation languages and data marketing projects.

Joanna Scott
Joanna Scott is a member of Nature Publishing Group’s Web Publishing Department. She began in industry and technical research, and for the last two years has worked primarily on the Elucian Islands, NPG’s presence in the virtual world of Second Life, organizing live lectures, discussions and conferences. Prior to joining NPG, she obtained a biology degree at Oxford University.
Michiel van der Heyden
Michiel van der Heyden is Head of Product Management for the Collaboration Tools group of Elsevier Science & Technology division. Collaboration tools are services that address major needs in the collaborative researcher’s workflow, such as identifying and evaluating experts in specific disciplines, building professional networks and information annotating & sharing.

He received his Masters in Industrial Design Engineering in 1996 from the Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands, with a specialization on Business & Product Development. He has been a founder/partner of a Dutch web company, designing and implementing internet applications for customers in the Education and Cultural field. He worked as the Interim Head of the Central Public Services Department at the University Utrecht Library for 2 years. In 2004 he started working for Elsevier as a Senior Product Manager for ScienceDirect.