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2012 SSP 34th Annual Meeting “Social, Mobile, Agile, Global: Are You Ready?”

Concurrent 1A: Whats the Use of Social Media? …


Stuart Maxwell, ScholarlyiQ

A large number of publisher marketers measure the volume of traffic from social media, but a much smaller proportion measure its value. Which group do you fall into? While it may be useful to know how many Facebook fans you have or what someone tweeted about your content and company, what really matters is how that impacts your business. It’s time to demonstrate the value and applicability of social media. This session will do just that. From the perspectives of Publisher, Hosting Platform, Analytics Vendor, and Marketer, the panel will show the strategic and practical applications of data provided by social media marketing activity, leveraging the billion+ active users of social networks to improve customer intimacy, revenue, and new product development. Speakers will look at how to act upon measurements such as influence, perception, engagement, feedback, and sentiment, providing participants with the practical examples, experiences, and tools, to further their understanding and development of social media measurement. Comments before, during, and after the session can be tweeted using #SSPsocialmetrics.


Susan Dunavan, Atypon
Susan Dunavan is the Manager of Solution Architects at Atypon, where she oversees all implementations and customizations of the company’s industry-leading publishing platform. She joined Atypon in 2007 as a product manager, after serving as the Manager of Online Publishing at Allen Press. She has more than 10 years’ experience working in product management and the publishing industry space. Ms. Dunavan studied Visual Anthropology at the University of Kansas, and currently resides in Sunnyvale, CA.
Stuart Maxwell, Scholarly iQ
As Vice President of Business Development for Scholarly iQ, Stuart Maxwell is responsible for shaping the client, sales and marketing strategies for the academic publishing markets leading data management, integration and analytics specialist Scholarly iQ (www.scholarlyiq.com).
With over 10 years in digital media, Stuart has worked with leading analytics companies Omniture and comScore and was instrumental in the set-up of the validation and auditing requirements for Project COUNTER during his time at ABCe. Stuart brings the experience of a broad range of clients together, from leading media organisations such as BBC and News International through to academic publishers including American Institute of Physics and Elsevier.
Patricia Cleary, Springer
In addition to playing an instrumental role for Springer Science + Business Media’s mobile strategy, for half a decade Patricia Cleary has also helped develop the organization’s use of social media. Patricia first integrated the social web in 2007 around the launch of Springer Protocols, and continued to develop Springer’s use of these tools through working with its Library Advisory Board, and examining the use of social technology by researchers through focus groups and round tables at industry events.  As Global eProduct Development Manager, Patricia continues to pioneer new frontiers in STM Publishing by creating new products and services to meet the needs of important customers. Patricia holds several degrees, including two undergraduate degrees in visual design and anthropology, and an M.A. in applied anthropology from Montclair State University.