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2012 SSP 34th Annual Meeting “Social, Mobile, Agile, Global: Are You Ready?”

Concurrent 1E: Do Academic Libraries have a Role as Publishers?


Charles Watkinson, Purdue University Press

Should libraries become involved in publishing? An increasing number of institutions in North America and internationally think so. In 2007, 65% of ARL members were reported to be either offering or developing publishing services, but still very experimentally. A new survey, conducted by Purdue, Georgia Tech, and Utah university libraries as part of an IMLS-funded research project, suggests that almost 80% of ARL members are now offering publishing services that are increasingly well organized. This is also an active area of interest in liberal arts colleges and medium-sized institutions. What types of publishing are these institutions involved in? What are the future prospects for this emerging area of library services? And, crucially, should established society publishers view these library upstarts as a threat or an opportunity? Building off evidence gathered by the research project, this session explores these issues, illustrated with real examples of some of the most interesting initiatives.


Shana Kimball, MPublishing, University of Michigan Library
Shana Kimball is Head of Publishing Services, Outreach & Strategic Development at MPublishing, the primary academic publishing division of the University of Michigan. In this role, she develops and promotes new publishing initiatives, in collaboration with scholars, publishers, librarians, and technologists. Shana is Editor of The Journal of Electronic Publishing, and Editor-at-Large for digitalculturebooks, an imprint of the University of Michigan Press in digital humanities and new media studies. She is also a member of the steering group of Open Humanities Press, an international publishing collective in critical and cultural theory. She holds an MA in English Literature from the University of Michigan.
Ross Coleman, University of Sydney
Ross Coleman is Director of Digital and eScholarship Services in the University Library at the University of Sydney. Ross is responsible for the development and management of Sydney eScholarship, a suite services for the that integrates the curation and management of digital content and data with new forms of access and scholarly publication including Sydney University Press. His divisional responsibilities also include Library Information Technology services, Library Web and Communication services, University Copyright and Rare Books and Special Collections. Portfolio responsibilities include Development, particularly bequests, donations and benefactions.
Mark Newton, Columbia University
Mark Newton is Production Manager at the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship in Columbia University Libraries. The Center partners with researchers and scholars to share new knowledge. Using innovative new media and digital technologies, CDRS empowers Columbias research community with the online tools and services (including publications, repository, conferences, video, and wikischolars) necessary to make the most of scholarly communication, collaboration, data-sharing, and preservation.