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2012 SSP 34th Annual Meeting “Social, Mobile, Agile, Global: Are You Ready?”

Concurrent 2B: Mobile by extension, expansion, and experimentation


SiNae Pitts, Amphetamobile

Mobile is the oncoming rocket ship that publishers, as well as other industries, know they must get on board or be left in the dust. They bring with them a legacy of content and products in print, desktop and web formats and start to explore mobile in one of three ways: by extension of existing products on new mobile delivery vehicles; by expansion of their current content set/scope/audience for mobile; and by experimentation with novel concepts that could only exist on mobile. Speakers from publishing, scholarly research tools, and from mobile advertising and ratings will share their organizations forays into mobile and will aim to inform and inspire attendees on their own efforts for a mobile take off!


Matt Rampone, HighWire
Matt Rampone is a Product Manager for Stanford University’s HighWire Press. Specializing in content integration products, he is responsible
for HighWire’s mobile strategy and initiatives. Prior to joining HighWire he co-founded and ran two mobile app development companies.
Jason Rollins, Thomson Reuters
Jason Rollins is Senior Director of Product Innovation for the Scientific and Scholarly Research business of Thomson Reuters. In this role he leads customer-focused new product development efforts for major academic productivity applications including Web of Knowledge and EndNote. He has over 15 years of varied experience in software technology and holds several patent applications related to research software. He earned a PhD in Educational Technology from Drexel University. He is an avid traveler, fitness enthusiast, and modernist design buff and is a regular presenter at industry and customer events around the globe.
Susan Pirog, Transout
Susan is an accomplished startup professional with over 20 years of experience selling new, innovative software solutions for early stage technology companies. She is expert at marketing venture funded technology to new customers with the ability to educate clients on value proposition, develop a business case and have ROI discussions with C-level executives.

Susan has an extensive IT background and has sold solutions that are focused on such areas as Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), SaaS and Cloud Computing, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics, IT Security, Data Warehousing and SAP. Some of the largest clients she has worked with include IBM, GE, Merck and Johnson & Johnson.

Given Susan’s passion for helping startup companies drive revenue by acquiring their first customers, she is also an executive coach for startup entrepreneurs on sales process and customer acquisition strategy with a strong focus on ideal customer profile and a customer?s compelling event.

An angel investor in technology startups and limited partner in the NJTC Venture Fund, Susan holds an undergraduate degree in mathematics from Rutgers University and an MBA for The College of William and Mary.

Susan is an advisor to TapCliq/TapToRate for Sales and Business Development.