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2012 SSP 34th Annual Meeting “Social, Mobile, Agile, Global: Are You Ready?”

Concurrent 3A: The 21st Century Research Landscape…


Mike Diaz, ProQuest

The needs of academic researchers within and across disciplines are changing rapidly and this presents not only new challenges but also exciting new opportunities for enhancing research productivity and impact. This session will discuss emerging global trends in the needs of advanced researchers and implications for scholarly publishers. Are there common threads to 21st Century research needs that span all subjects? To what extent are emerging trends in research needs common to the sciences, social sciences, or humanities and to what degree are they discipline-specific? Key areas to be explored will include the changes in academic libraries and the research funding environment, mobile technologies, demand for primary material including datasets, emerging research technologies and tools, and the use of new technologies and approaches for global collaboration and dissemination of research findings. This session will offer actionable insight on the latest trends in user needs, surface creative ideas and strategies for product development, and highlight a range of emerging opportunities to provide content, technologies, and tools.


Timothy Babbitt, ProQuest
Tim Babbitt is Senior Vice President, ProQuest Platforms and is responsible for bringing innovation to platform content and tools that support researchers across the entire lifecycle of their research. Prior to joining ProQuest in 2009, Babbitt served as the Chief Information Officer at JSTOR. In addition, Babbitt has been on the business school faculty of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has also taught at the University of Pittsburgh as well as the Management of Technology Organizations program at Carnegie Mellon University. This experience in teaching, research and collaboration has been invaluable in his current role. Babbitt has been a speaker at forums that have included the Media Law Resource Center, American Library Association, Association of Subscription Agents, Society for Scholarly Publishing, and Online.
John Sack, HighWire
John Sack is one of the founders of HighWire Press and focuses on market assessment, client relations, technology innovation, and industry-forward thinking. John’s role is to determine where the technology and publishing industries are going, how one of those might leverage the other, and how HighWire can best support its customers, and its customers’ customers – the libraries, students, researchers, and clinicians they serve. John considers himself a “futurist” or “trend-spotter” in that he tries to watch what is happening in consumer and scholarly services and identify patterns that are just beginning to emerge.
Roger Schonfeld,
Roger leads the research efforts at Ithaka S+R, including examinations of the impact of new technologies on academia through studies of faculty attitudes and practices, teaching and learning with technology, and the changing role of the library.

Key projects at Ithaka S+R under Roger’s leadership have examined changing scholarly methods and practices and teaching with technology, including the Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey since its inception; several projects on the changing research methodologies of faculty members in a digital environment; and an analysis of the impact and sustainability of courseware initiatives. In addition, Roger has researched the future of the academic library through the Ithaka S+R Library Survey and a number of projects on library strategy and economics for the digitization, management, and preservation of collections, culminating in What to Withdraw for scholarly journals, an early system-wide collections analysis of library book holdings, two national consulting projects on behalf of ARL/COSLA and GPO for government documents, and service on the NSF Blue Ribbon Task Force for Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access. Roger was the 2011 Joanna Sherrer Memorial Lecturer at Lewis & Clark College, and he has spoken at other campuses including those of Berkeley, Columbia, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania, as well as at numerous conferences.

Previously, Roger was a research associate at The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. There, he collaborated on The Game of Life: College Sports and Academic Values with James Shulman and William G. Bowen (Princeton University Press, 2000). He also wrote JSTOR: A History (Princeton University Press, 2003), focusing on the development of a sustainable not-for-profit business model for the digitization and preservation of scholarly texts.
Connect with Roger on Twitter at rschon and at Google+ at +Roger Schonfeld.