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2012 SSP 34th Annual Meeting “Social, Mobile, Agile, Global: Are You Ready?”

Concurrent 3C: Agile Organizations, Agile Content


Bill Kasdorf, Apex

Agility isnt just for programmers anymore. In todays dynamic environment, organizations need to be agile in many ways, responding to changing technologies and a changing marketplace to stay, if not ahead of the curve, at least not whiplashed by it, and to provide ever more value to their customers and constituents. This session will focus on how three very contrasting organizationsa news organization, a medical journal publisher, and an international information organizationare taking concrete steps to make their organizations, their publications, and their content more agile both within the enterprise and for the customers and users of their content.


Kent Anderson, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Kent R. Anderson is the CEO/Publisher for the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery and its parent company, STRIATUS. He is currently the President of the Society for Scholarly Publishing, the Editor-in-Chief of the Scholarly Kitchen, and a member of the Journal Oversight Committee for the Journal of the American Medical Association. Over the past 20 years, he has been an executive in the Massachusetts Medical Societys Publishing Division, Publishing Director for the New England Journal of Medicine., and Director of Medical Journals at the American Academy of Pediatrics. He has worked in many roles during his career, including writer, editor, designer, and publisher. He writes and speaks occasionally on topics of interest to scholarly publishers and leaders. Kent has a graduate degree in business, and an undergraduate degree in English.
Larry Schwartz, Newstex, LLC
Larry Schwartz is a co-founder of Newstex and President of the company, with responsibility for sales, marketing and product development. Larry has guided numerous entertainment and new media ventures, from start-up through growth, development and maturity, including Bolenka Games Online (Trivial Pursuit ® Online), The Pre-Commerce Group (Search), GFI Group (Nasday:GFIG – financial), Wizard World (publishing), Patron Technology (technology) and Tickets.com (Purchased by MLB – entertainment). Most recently Larry was President of Comtex News Network, a real time wholesaler of news to the financial industry. Previously, Larry built New Net Companies into one of the Northeast’s preeminent e-business solution providers. He was also president and CEO of Auctions.com, which he co-created with the Times Mirror Co. and co-owners Gannett, Knight-Ridder, The New York Times Company, Tribune Company, and The Washington Post Company. He serves on the Content Board of Directors for the Software Information Industry Association, and is a frequent speaker on content, product development, start-ups and turnarounds.When hes not adding value to content, Larry is a show manger for hunter/jumper horse shows, is on the Board of Directors for the Connecticut Horse Show Association and maintains several horse web sites and blogs. Larry attended Bates College and the Yale University Graduate School of Drama.
Matthew Howells, World Bank
Matthew Howells is the Manager of Technology and New Product Development in the Office of the Publisher at the World Bank. Prior to joining the Bank in mid-2010, he worked for Taylor & Francis in the UK where he was Global Production and Distribution Director, Journals. Previously he worked for Pergamon Press in Oxford, which was acquired by Elsevier, and later for Routledge, which was acquired by Taylor & Francis. During his time at Taylor & Francis, his experience in journals was specifically focused on the integration of workflow with technology in an environment of acquisition and change, which has characterized modern commercial STM publishing. He managed the delivery of a number of initiatives across the complete production-distribution supply chain from establishing data standards and coordinating legacy data capture through automated content management to website development and regional print-on-demand. His work with the Publisher at the World Bank has been focused on developing and delivering an overall transformational strategy across the Banks book program. He is particularly committed to ensuring the program possesses sufficiently nimble systems and processes to produce optimal results in the rapidly changing world of publishing and particularly in enabling the timely development of innovative product ideas. He holds a Bachelor of Science and a Masters in Business Administration.