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2012 SSP 34th Annual Meeting “Social, Mobile, Agile, Global: Are You Ready?”

Concurrent 4B: Making Semantics Work


Bill Kasdorf, Apex

Publishers are increasingly realizing the power and potential of semantics to take their content to the next level and to make it more discoverable, more dynamic, more useful and usable. This session will focus on three concrete advances that promise to make the benefits of semantics a practical reality: a proposal for the creation of a Taxonomy Commons, a sort of multidisciplinary CrossRef for Taxonomies that would help make semantic taxonomies more accessible and consistent; a Smart Content initiative that utilizes a clinical taxonomy to semantically enrich content at a very granular level, facilitating search and discovery as well as integration of content within the professional workflow.


Bernadette Hyland, 3 Round Stones, Inc.
Bernadette brings a strong background in commercial and federal government data management strategies, coupled with expertise in leading high-growth software organizations. Bernadette is committed to articulating the practical use of semantic technologies to corporate and government decision makers. She has been instrumental in delivering innovative Web applications to the Library of Congress, US Government Printing Office and US Environmental Protection Agency. Bernadette is co-chair of the W3C Government Linked Data Working Group and a member of the Semantic Web Coordination Group. Bernadette is co-founder of several profitable early stage Internet companies delivering enterprise products. She was co-founder and CEO of Tucana Technologies, the company that produced the first commercially-supported native RDF (Resource Description Framework) database in 2003. Tucana was acquired by Northrop Grumman in 2005. She has lead several profitable early stage companies delivering Web-based products and has helped pioneer Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects, including the Mulgara Semantic Store, Persistent URL (PURLs), Freemix and the Callimachus Project. Bernadette earned a Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science and Linguistics from UCLA.
Thane Kerner, Silverchair Information Systems
As co-founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Silverchair, Thane Kerner has since 1993 led the organization’s strategic development of platforms and professional services that focus on the intersection of technology with health care knowledge. Medical informatics, the semantic web, clinical information processes, and web-based learning are the foundations for a broad variety of Silverchair-created health reference products delivered via networked digital media. Thane serves on the Executive Council of the Professional and Scholarly Publishers Division (PSP) of the Association of American Publishers; as Co-Chairman of the American Medical Publishers Committee; and on the National Library of Medicine’s Publishers Advisory Panel. He is an advocate for issues of concern to the health information industry, and a frequent speaker and moderator at industry conferences including the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) Top Management Roundtable, the Council of Science Editors (CSE), the PSP Annual Conference, the AMPC Medical Informatics Seminar, and the AMPC-National Library of Medicine Biennial Symposium.

Prior to establishing Silverchair, he was publisher of Experimental Hematology, the official journal of the International Society for Experimental Hematology. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Sivaram Arabandi, Elsevier Health Sciences
Sivaram Arabandi is a clinical informatician with research interests in applied clinical ontologies, especially for data integration and clinical decision support. Sivaram trained as a General Surgeon and holds a Masters degree in Computer Science. He currently leads Elsevier’s medical terminology services and oversees the development of EMMeT or ‘Elsevier Merged Medical Taxonomy’ and its application across multiple products. Prior to this, Sivaram has worked on projects ranging from clinical content development within EHR systems to enterprise reporting frameworks. As a member of the SemanticDB project at Cleveland Clinic, he worked on the domain ontology model for Cardiothoracic Surgery, and its integration into a platform for data acquisition, reporting and knowledge discovery. He was a co-investigator and lead for PhysioMIMI project at Case Western Reserve University, a multi-institutional NCRR funded project to integrate distributed data resources for information retrieval and analysis using semantic technologies. Here he developed an application ontology for sleep medicine called the Sleep Domain Ontology (SDO). Sivaram worked in the area of Adverse Event detection using knowledge intensive methodologies as a visiting scientist at the NLM. He collaborates with other researchers on the development of open clinical ontology models in the areas of general medicine (OGMS), infectious diseases (IDO), vital signs (VSO) and Newborn Screening (ONSTR).