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2012 SSP 34th Annual Meeting “Social, Mobile, Agile, Global: Are You Ready?”

Concurrent 4D: Free and Discounted Journal Access Programs…

Audiences Around the Globe

Phil Davis, Phil Davis Consulting

Many publishers participate in free and discounted journal access programs for developing nations. Are these programs achieving what they set out to do? What is the effect of these programs on the lives of researchers, teachers, students and clinicians? The speakers will present data and analysis on the successes and challenges in delivering scholarly content to developing nations.


Daniel Dollar, Yale University Library
Daniel Dollar is the director of collection development for the Yale University Library. Daniel’s work with the Research4Life began at the Yale Medical Library, where he was responsible for metadata management for the HINARI program. His involvement includes co-teaching a week-long HINARI trainer seminar at the University of Guyana in February 2011. Daniel now represents the Yale University Library as a participating partner on the Research4Life Executive Council.
Mary Ochs, Cornell University Library
Mary Ochs is the Director of the Albert R. Mann Library at Cornell University. She has worked in the Cornell University Library for over 25 years in various roles. Mary is the former TEEAL Project Director and has worked on AGORA with FAO and the Research4Life Partners since its inception. Mary has her BS from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University and her MLS from the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University.
Phil Davis, Phil Davis Consulting
Phil Davis is an independent researcher, analyst and consultant in science publishing. He holds a PhD in science communication from Cornell University (2010), has extensive experience as a science librarian (1995-2006), and was trained as a life scientist. His research has focused on the dissemination of scientific information, rewards and incentives in academic publishing, and economic issues related to libraries, authors and publishers. Phil is a prolific author of many scientific and popular articles on science communication, blogs for The Scholarly Kitchen, and speaks regularly at national conferences. He has received rewards for his work in citation analysis. He is located in Ithaca, NY. http://phil-davis.org
Mark Johnson,
Mark Johnson is Director of Publisher Relations at Stanford University’s HighWire Press, where he leads a team of talented Publication Managers in providing superior service to HighWire-hosted publishers. He has been supporting scholarly publishers at HighWire since 2005. Before coming to Stanford, he was Director of Marketing at Elsevier’s Cell Press imprint, where he helped launch several Cell-branded highly-cited journals. Mark is a scholarly publishing junkie, and only puts this addiction on pause long enough to swim, bike, and run in preparation for his first attempt at an Ironman-distance triathlon later this year.
Alicia Wise, Elsevier
Alicia has a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, and worked as an academic archaeologist. She has worked in the information professions in various roles: digital archivist, library consortium negotiator, funding program director, and chief executive of a copyright society. Alicia joined Elsevier in June 2010 to lead the Universal Access team. In this role she is responsible for access strategy and policies, for launching/monitoring access pilot projects, and for building relationships with other stakeholders in the scholarly communication landscape.