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2012 SSP 34th Annual Meeting “Social, Mobile, Agile, Global: Are You Ready?”

Concurrent 4E: To Disappear, or Not to Disappear…..

Darcy Dapra, Google, Inc.

Today, search services are used by most researchers to find scholarly articles. Publishers, platforms and search services have worked together over several years to make scholarly articles easy to discover and read. However, transition of journals to new hosts or new platforms brings additional challenges. Transitions that don’t take indexing issues into account often result in journals disappearing from search services for an extended period of time. This session will highlight key issues to keep in mind to ensure that journals preserve their discoverability during and after a transition. It will present specific recommendations as well as experiences from past transitions. We will hear from search services as well as from publishers and hosting platforms.


Darcy Dapra, Google, Inc.
Darcy Dapra is a Partner Manager for Google Scholar, responsible for external relations with the scholarly publishing and library communities. Prior to her current post with Google and her now eleven-year stint in the scholarly publishing arena, in roles both at the University of California Press and Stanford University’s HighWire Press, Darcy traveled to Korea on a Fulbright grant in 1999, teaching English and American culture, and subsequently completed a Master’s degree in Art History at the University of California, Davis. In her free time, Darcy enjoys spending time with her family, reading as many online news articles as humanly possible, and experimenting in the kitchen.
Kevin Cohn, Atypon
Kevin Cohn is Vice President of Operations for Atypon, a leading provider of software for digital content delivery, discovery, and monetization, with responsibility for delivery of the company’s products and services. He is a frequent industry speaker, having presented on topics ranging from consumer monetization to content discoverability to the mobile revolution. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Statistics degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Louise Page, HighWire
Louise Page is Director of Publishing Strategy at HighWire Press, Stanford University. She is responsible for defining and guiding HighWire’s overall strategy in all areas of its business: customer relationships, innovation, product development and engineering results. With HighWire since 2000, Louise has successfully managed some of its largest and most complex publishers, responsible for their online growth in journal sites, content models, distinctive features, and reach into new business partnerships. Louise has a spent her entire career in STM publishing. Prior to joining HighWire, she worked at Oxford University Press and John Wiley & Sons in editorial book and journal acquisitions. At Wiley, she oversaw all publishing activity from concept to production for Wiley’s first online journal, which was the catalyst for Wiley InterScience, Wiley’s journal hosting platform.