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2012 SSP 34th Annual Meeting “Social, Mobile, Agile, Global: Are You Ready?”

Concurrent 5B: Start-ups and Scholarly Publishing (Round 2)

Joy Moore, Chief Product Strategist

Following on the heels of our successful panel at the SSP Annual Meeting in 2011, “At the Cutting Edge: A Series of Start-ups,” we are introducing a new set of players in the start-up arena that intersect with scholarly publishing, and its vast community of academics and researchers. This year’s start-ups work in the areas of search refinement, social networking, platforms that connect researchers to their publishing output, and apps that beautify the display of that publishing output (think mobile, tablets).


Matt Dunie, Data-Planet
Matt Dunie’s professional experience includes executive-level positions at ProQuest LLC (formerly ProQuest/CSA) where he led high-performing teams in driving business growth while increasing operating margins. During his tenure at ProQuest/CSA, Mr. Dunie negotiated and/or managed the acquisition and integration of 18 product lines and/or companies, built an international company with 12 sales, editorial and operations offices around the world and created several industry-leading and disruptive products and platforms, including two patented inventions enabling the search and indexing of captioned objectes within scholarly literature.

Mr. Dunie has founded or co-founded three information and content application services companies: including Insight Publications, RefWorks, and, most recently, LabArchives, a hosted information management technology designed to enhance the workflow of laboratory researchers. Mr. Dunie has held numerous professional association board positions and currently serves on the advisory board of Third Iron.

Kenneth Hamilton, Helioid
Helioid CEO & Co-Founder, Kenneth Hamilton, graduated from Stanford University with a BS in Physics and a BA in Philosophy. He co-founded The Gnostic, an arts and philosophy magazine, serving as Chief Editor, and later served as a Business Development Associate for Silicon Valley viral marketing startup, PennySherpa. Kenneth became interested in search from an exploration-oriented perspective through his passion for self-directed learning, originally co-founding Helioid as a tool for visualizing web search results to facilitate knowledge discovery, and since then developing it into a multi-purpose research tool.
Peter Lubell-Doughtie, Helioid
Helioid CTO & Co-Founder, Peter Lubell-Doughtie, graduated from Stanford with a BS in Symbolic Systems and went on to obtain an MS in Artificial Intelligence, with a focus in Natural Language Processing, from the University of Amsterdam. He worked in various senior software development roles at Princeton University, utilizing pairwise voting systems, and Columbia University. Peter has spearheaded the research and development of Helioid’s unique search refinement technology. He maintains a dedication to confronting the long tail pain points in information gathering that aren’t fully addressed by traditional keyword search.
Richard Price, Academia.edu
Richard Price is the Founder and CEO of Academia.edu. Richard did his Ph.D at Oxford in philosophy, where he was a Fellow of All Souls College. He founded Academia.edu in 2008 after finishing his PhD, and seeing a need for academics to create a brand online, and build visibility for themselves. Academia.edu now has 2.3 million users, and over 5,000 academics join each day. Academia.edu provides readership analytics to their users, to help them quantify their online impact. Academics can also follow each other on Academia.edu, and keep up with each other’s latest work. Academia.edu is based in San Francisco, and has raised $6.7 million in venture capital from Spark Capital and True Ventures.