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2015 SSP Librarian Focus Group – Chicago, IL

August 31, 2015
American College of Chest Physicians
2595 Patriot Boulevard
Glenview, IL 60026

Twitter Hashtag: #SSPLFG15

Each section will be panelists sharing their views followed by open discussion with the moderator, audience, and panelists.


Maria Bonn, Senior Lecturer, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois
Michael Levine-Clark, Associate Dean for Scholarly Communication and Collections Services at the University of Denver Libraries
Kristi Holmes, Director, Galter Health Sciences Library, Northwestern University
Rick Burke, Executive Director, SCELC
Joy Kirchner, University Librarian, York University

The panel is moderated by Sara Rouhi, Product Sales Manager, Altmetric LLP and member of the SSP Education Committee

How do libraries fit into the scholarly communications landscape today?
Panelists will open with their take on the evolution of libraries, their relationships with vendors, and the vital role libraries will play in the ever changing scholarly communications landscape.

The library as assessor
Universities and colleges are business and increasingly libraries are being asked to help their larger institution make the “impact case” to myriad stakeholders from boards to legislators to donors. Panelists will share how their libraries are involved in supporting university efforts at “impact assessment” and will highlight which (if any) vendors are making this job easier.

The library as scholarly communications educator
Shorter submission to publication times, online only publication, and myriad mandates by funding bodies and institutions have made the library the go to resource for explaining the nuances of the scholcomm landscape. Panelists will speak to the library’s role in educating patrons on everything from copyright to funder mandates.

Library as collective bargainer/purchaser
Panelists will discuss the evolving expectations of libraries as purchasers including their role in pricing, licensing, and access negotiations.

Closing Thoughts: If you don’t remember anything else, remember this
Panelists will each share closing remarks about “must dos” for vendors as they and libraries together face the changing scholarly communications landscape.