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2017 SSP Philadelphia Regional Networking Event

Wednesday, May 3, 2017
615 Chestnut St, 15th Floor
Philadelphia, PA

SSP’s next Philadelphia regional networking event will feature cross-industry discussions on current issues in scholarly communications. This program is equally oriented in talk and action, and we hope you’ll join us for snacks, wine and lively discussion! Our anticipated topics include:

1. Funding & Government: What are the funder issues you are facing as a publisher or librarian? How can we demonstrate our support for the role of scholarly publishing and scholarly communication? How can be activists for the arts? For the sciences? How can we help our representatives understand the value of artistic, scientific, and medical research and scholarship? Bring your questions and thoughts.
2. Technology: What are the latest technology innovations or the latest new and cool product/process/system in scholarly publishing or at your library? How is Artificial Intelligence moving into publishing and libraries? Let’s talk about what we see happening — challenges, opportunities, and ideas. We will have Amazon’s Alexa on hand to help with the conversation! 
3. Metrics, Metrics, Metrics: What’s new in the tracking and use of metrics on usage and sharing? What do you find useful in your library? In your publishing program? How are universities changing what metrics they include in promotion and tenure policies? We will talk about the needs of the different stakeholders, in the context of traditional and new measures.
4. All Things Open: Open Access, open data, open science, open scholarship — let’s continue this ongoing conversation that is important to all stakeholders in scholarly communication and publishing. How is expansion of open access in the journal market affecting publishers and librarians? How is everyone adapting? What is happening with open data and data management plans? What do we mean by “open”?

The aim of the meeting is to encourage all local stakeholders within the scholarly communications ecosystem to have an opportunity for open and meaningful dialogues with peers — sharing experiences and insights — to help identify and address some of the key challenges the industry faces. This event is suitable for both experienced and early career publishers, librarians, service providers and funders, in and around the Philadelphia area. All voices and participants welcome.


Adrian Stanley, Digital Science