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A How to Guide: Successfully Executing an RFP Process

October 4, 2016, American Geophysical Union (AGU), Washington, DC

As the publishing industry continues to adapt to meet the needs of the modern scholar and marketplace, many publishers are confronted with the fact that our complex world is only increasing in complexity. Not only are things becoming more intermingled, the expectation of the timeline for delivery to market is shrinking. With project budgets being more restricted and subject to greater scrutiny, the analysis and preparation of a Request for Proposal (RFP) is a business critical function. In this challenging environment, the ability to partner with service providers allows the modern publisher to deliver on time, to budget and to deliver current and future business requirements.

While publishers can rely on an array of different service providers to help, they must decide what gets priority and who to entrust with their hard-earned brand. The RFP process is a commonly used tool for collecting data about potential collaborators and current/ future business requirements to rapidly increase the services a publisher offers, and, works as a bridge for building strategic alliances.

In this seminar, attendees will hear from a group of panelists who have been through the RFP process. From the nascent stages of deciding what help is needed, to marshaling support, identifying candidates, and making a decision, our speakers will share their experience and expertise in finding the best solution for the problem at hand.


  • Wendy Newsham, HighWire Press


  • Pam Harley, Clarke & Company
  • Jennifer Pesanelli, FASEB
  • Cara Rivera, Kaufman Wills Fusting & Company
  • Mary Warner, American Pharmacists Association