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Book Publishing, from Soup to Nuts

November 15, 2004, PALINET Headquarters, Philadelphia, PA

The rapidly changing and evolving world of STM publishing has been discussed ad infinitum as it relates to journals. But what about books? Journals might have been out in front with new developments, but book publishing is undergoing the same steady evolution from print to digital formats, so it’s high time books got some attention! This far-ranging seminar will bring together experts in all areas of book publishing, from society publishers to large commercial publishers, and it will cover the full range of book publishing, from idea generation and development to production to marketing and sales.

The session will address questions such as:

  • Which books are developed and why? How are authors approached and chosen?
  • What are the current trends in book production? How do electronic advancements factor into the production process?
  • What are the basic publishing requirements for e-book, Web, or PDA publication? What are the pros and cons of each format?
  • What are the key issues related to book marketing and sales? What challenges are presented by new publishing formats and the expanding global marketplace?
  • What are the financial implications of these critical decisions?

Seminar Managers and Moderators:

  • Eileen KileyManager of Archival Publications, Materials Research Society
  • Greg Fagan, Publisher, U.S. Health Sciences Journals, Elsevier


  • Camille Pecoul-Carter, Director of Book Production & Manufacturing, STM Division, John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
  • John Hope, Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, Elsevier Health Science
  • Patrick Durando, Director, Media Technology, McGraw-Hill Professional
  • Scott D. Henry, Senior Manager of Product and Service Development, ASM International


Camille Pecoul-Carter, Director of Book Production and Manufacturing, STM Division, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., produces both print and electronic content for more than 200 books, major reference works, and databases annually. Before moving to Wiley in 1992 as Managing Editor for Life and Medical Sciences books, she was Director of Production at VCH Publishers in New York. Camille started her publishing career in Boston in 1989, where she first worked for Academic Press, and later for Jones and Bartlett.

Eileen Kiley, Manager of Archival Publications, Materials Research Society, is responsible for all aspects of print and online publication of MRS’s monthly archival journal as well as approximately 45 proceedings volumes each year. Since joining MRS in 2000, Eileen has overseen the implementation of electronic peer review systems for both books and journals and has guided these publications through an array of changes to keep pace with new developments in publishing. Prior to joining MRS, Eileen spent 5 years in book acquisitions at the University of Pittsburgh Press. She is an active member of the SSP Education Committee.

Greg Fagan, Publisher in the US Health Sciences Division of Elsevier, where he oversees a list of medicine and surgery journals. Before joining Elsevier, he was Editorial Manager for AccessMedicine at McGraw-Hill. Before that, Greg spent several years in journal production, with stops at John Wiley, Raven Press/Lippincott-Raven, and Plenum Press. Greg has long been active in SSP. He currently serves on the Education Committee, and is a frequent speaker at SSP seminars.

John Hope, Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, Elsevier Health Science, manages a creative services director and team, direct marketing database, three marketing directors, and global translation rights management. Before joining Elsevier, John was Vice President, International & Alternate Channel Marketing at Harcourt. He also served as VP of the Southeastern Region and Director of Harcourt Interactive. John’s wide-ranging sales and marketing experience also includes positions at John Wiley & Sons and Macmillan.

Patrick Durando, Director, Media Technology, McGraw-Hill Professional, is responsible for supporting and driving a broad range of digital initiatives including the division’s online bookstore, eMarketing initiatives, and eBook program. Before joining McGraw-Hill, Patrick was Director of Business Development at Marcel Dekker, Inc., where he developed and managed their eBook program as well as a number of online initiatives and digital business projects. He earned a Masters of Business Administration from New York University’s Stern School of Business with an emphasis in Marketing and Information Systems. He also holds a certificate from Stern in its Digital Economy Initiative.

Scott D. Henry, Senior Manager of Product and Service Development, ASM International, is responsible for directing content development for book, journal, magazine, and online products in subjects relating to metallurgy and materials engineering. He has 15 years of experience in book development and acquisitions, including managing acquisitions for a major reference handbook series and for a variety of monograph and data book titles. In recent years, he has been involved in several initiatives to transition print content into successful online products.