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Develop Somebody-Even Yourself: Mentorship, Career Development and Networking (Session 4)

October 4, 2016, American Geophysical Union (AGU), Washington, DC

Whether you are just starting your career, looking for a new opportunity, or are a seasoned professional at the top of your game, you may find that you’d benefit from the fresh perspective that a mentor can provide. Conversely, with the growing complexity of the scholarly communications ecosystem with many new players and models, you may find that you’d learn a lot from sharing your experience with someone at another level or in a different function. Some companies have well-developed talent management or mentoring schemes in place, while in others employees must look externally for such guidance. Please join us to explore the interconnected world of mentoring, career advancement, and networking from folks who have experienced this world firsthand. The life cycle of mentorship will examine mentoring benefits at all levels from early career to expert. Advancing your career through mentorship will look at particular types of mentoring schemes from women mentoring other women to those seeking advice to jumpstart their career after a break to those seeking to change departments or roles. In creating a corporate culture of mentorship, we’ll learn what organizations are doing to foster a mentoring environment and how these contrast with external mentoring schemes. And finally, networking tips from industry veterans will equip you with practical advice to build and utilize your networks!

Session 4: Networking for Career Development


  • October Ivins, Ivins eContent Solution


  • David Myers, DMedia Associates, Inc.
  • Elizabeth Demers, Johns Hopkins University Press
  • Angela Cochran, American Society of Civil Engineers