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Early Career Community of Interest Meeting | Difficult Issues in the Workplace pt 2

The next Early Career Professionals Community of Interest Network meeting will be Friday, February 9th at 12pm ET. We are holding another session of Difficult Issues in the Workplace with an emphasis on confidentiality.

Do you feel like you are having misunderstandings with your colleagues? Trouble communicating with your managers? Anxiety around interacting with upper management? Issues managing your workload? This informal discussion will focus on difficult issues in the workplace, working together to brainstorm ways to help early career professionals navigate complicated situations that come up in their day-to-day jobs. Please bring your questions and ideas to this discussion!

If you have a situation that you would like to discuss, you can submit it anonymously through this form: https://forms.office.com/r/H3aCabRV0W. Please avoid including names or any identifying information. There is no need to claim a situation during the meeting as we can speak about them without specifics.

Become a member of the Early Career Professionals Community of Interest Network to participate! This group provides a devoted space for individuals new to the publishing field to network, connect, learn, and grow. During monthly virtual meetups amongst participants for general networking or focused educational topics, we will encourage questions/engagement and provide attendees an opportunity to chat.