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Innovation in Scholarly Publishing

September 18, 2014, American Geophysical Union (AGU), Washington, DC

The introduction of electronic publishing in the 1980s heralded the beginning of a period of rapid change in the scholarly communications industry. From the introduction of the PDF as the de facto standard for electronic articles and the creation of the site license, to altmetrics and Open Access; the pace of change has been rapid and continues to accelerate. How have recent (and not-so-recent) changes in the industry changed the landscape of scholarly communication? What are the risks and opportunities that are associated with new technologies? In this seminar you will hear from three different stakeholders with different perspectives. This 360 degree look at scholarly innovation will help you make informed decisions about which technologies are right for your end-users, your customers and your company.


  • Phill Jones, Head of Publisher Outreach, Digital Science


  • Angela Cochran, Director of Journals, American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Rick Anderson, Associate Dean for Scholarly Resources & Collections in the J. Willard
  • Marriott Library, University of Utah