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Innovation Showcase

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Join us for a free webinar highlighting new and exciting industry innovations. Speakers will present their solutions in brief presentations and take your questions. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about developments in the industry. 

Session Moderator: 

Dave Myers, CEO, Data Licensing Alliance, Inc.

Participating Companies Include: 

David Sommer, Kudos Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Learn how Kudos is leveraging AI to revolutionize the creation of plain language summaries for research publications—what is involved, how do we ensure quality and accuracy, what do authors think, and what are the benefits for publishers.

Kieran Prince, Business Development Manager, OpenAthens

An introduction to the new reporting tool for publishers developed by OpenAthens. The new tool has been designed to collate customer traffic data all in a single place, giving publishers insight into their customers. The tool helps publisher save time on creating reports while providing valuable insights for their sales team. Federated authentication is complicated, but our new reporting tool helps publishers makes sense of how they, and their customers, benefit from it.

S. Anand is the co-founder and CEO at Gramener – A Straive Company

Automating Insights from Data: Find out the challenges analysts face in deriving insights from data, particularly when they lack extensive knowledge in the domain. This session will highlight the advent of new, simplified analytical patterns that can be automated and consistently produce significant findings. The audience will also be introduced to straightforward checklists to verify the quality of the insights obtained. Real-life examples from sectors such as agriculture, finance, education, information technology, and manufacturing will be used to illustrate how teams can be systematically guided to achieve higher quality insights on a regular basis, enhancing the value of data analysis within their organizations.