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Regional Online MeetUp | United Kingdom

Mindfulness MeetUp

23 July 2020 | 17.00 BST

As we continue to confront COVID-19 daily and working from home has quietly become the “new normal”, stress and anxiety in work-life and home-life has continued to be persistent. In this get-together, we look at how practicing mindfulness can help to ease these stresses and improve our day-to-day lives.

We’re joined this month by Ashley Lodge, Workplace Mindfulness Coach at Mindfulness & Coaching by Ashley Lodge. As a trained teacher, mindfulness teacher and a qualified coach, Ashley works with businesses, schools and individuals to support their mental health and wellbeing initiatives as well as their personal and professional development requirements.

Ashley will walk us through how mindfulness can benefit us in the short and long term and will lead a session to introduce us to the practice.