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Regional Online MeetUp | Washington, DC

Staying Relevant in an Ever-Changing Scholarly Publishing Landscape: How Real Life Professionals Made Themselves Key to Their Organization’s Success

December 3, 2020 | 10:00 am EST

Scholarly publishing fundamentals like peer review, quality, and serving specific communities stay the same, but the way we do the work is constantly evolving. Meet with career professionals who have morphed their own roles within their organizations to stay relevant and critical to their organizations. Paige Wooden and Stacey Burke (APS) were hired to perform specific tasks and have identified ways to add to their job descriptions to increase their significance to their organization, including learning data analytics tools to create unique and timely reports, learning how to navigate and execute read-and-publish and other novel publishing agreements, and more. Learn more about how they were able to pivot and their tips on how you can do the same. We will also be inviting a recruiter specializing in scholarly publishing to talk about some of the emerging roles they’re seeing in the industry.