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“Social Media ‘Likes’ Scholarly Publishing”: Cutting through the Noise to Build a Successful Journal Social Media Strategy

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 from 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Eastern Time

Likes, Posts, and Tweets oh my . . . what’s a publisher to do? Regardless of the stage in which you and your Social Media strategy find yourselves, this webinar has something for you. Attendees will receive actionable advice on:

  • Developing and implementing a successful Social Media program around the Journal
  • Managing the program effectively for ongoing relevance and value
  • Creating a community of Authors, Members and Readers
  • Cultivating brand equity and loyalty to the Journal
  • Utilizing the data and feedback to continually adapt the Journal strategy for success

Join us on September 18th, and start putting Social Media to work for you and your journals.

This SSP Webinar is recommended for:

  • Publications Directors
  • Editors
  • Heads of Sales, Marketing or Membership Development


  • Matthew J. Price, Director of Membership & Social Media Marketing, Society of Toxicology



  • Heather Goodell, Director, Scientific Publishing, American Heart Association l
  • Duncan MacRae, Managing Editor, Neurosurgery
  • Bob Sumner, Editorial Coordinator, Clinical Chemistry


  • Patty Baskin, Executive Editor, Neurology® Journals
  • Marian Hollingsworth, Director, Publisher Relations, Thomson Reuters
  • Gerald Lillian, CEO, Allen Press, Inc.