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Social Software — It’s Here!

Thursday, May 15, from 1:30-3:00 PM Eastern Time

Readers and authors are talking with each other in new ways online. Formal and informal online collaboration has already altered the nature of scholarly discourse. Virtual communities, social tools, wikis, blogs, collaborative tagging. As the world of online communication evolves and publishing inevitably includes more online activities, where do publishers fit in the new mix? What are professional and scholarly publishers doing to engage users with their content, their authors, and the broad universe of content available online? How do you get started?

Please join our speakers for an enlightening conversation.

Gavin Bell will provide a broad overview of the new tools available and how each, in its own way, creates and enhances community online. Kristen Garlock will give a hands-on description of how a scholarly resource, with a small investment of resources, was able to leverage Facebook to reach their users. Melissa Burke will describe the challenges of creating an entirely new community, and then presenting sights into the reactions of publishers, readers, and authors.

  • Hear reports from the front lines on:
  • How to set concrete business goals.
  • How to pick tools that make sense given your mission, your budget, and your in-house expertise.
  • How to measure success against your goals.
  • How to find out where your audience ‘lives’ online. What are the tradeoffs in bringing your audiences to your own platform, or taking your content to existing communities?

Conducted over the WebEx platform, SSP web seminars allow busy publishers to participate from the comfort of their own offices. All participants need is an internet connection, a computer (PC or Mac), and a telephone. “One site registration allows any number of participants in your office to participate using a single computer.”


  • Anne Orens, Chief Marketing Officer, Tizra


  • Gavin Bell, Creative Technologist, Nature
  • Kristen Garlock, Associate Director, JSTOR User Services
  • Melissa Burke, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Sermo