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Charleston Library Preconference | OA as a Catalyst: Shifting Budgets and Emerging Publisher/Library Collaboration


  • Kelly Denzer, Collections Strategist and Discovery Librarian, Davidson College
  • Jill Emery, Professor, Collection Development & Management Librarian Portland State University
  • Elizabeth Lorbeer, Chair, Department of Medical Library – Western Michigan University School of Medicine 

The transition to open-access publishing, accelerated even more by the onset of COVID, Plan S and the Nelson Memo from the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), has impacted how librarians allocate their declining budgets. These and other funding mandates have created challenges for both libraries and publishers. Both entities have much in common, yet how do they sort out how to effectively collaborate to serve common consumers– authors, readers, and the general public?

As library acquisition budgets transition away from subscription fees, how do librarians reconsider the allocation of their budgets? As pricing models become author-driven, will this cause unintended consequences of disenfranchising smaller- and medium-sized schools of higher education? Can multiple subscription models coexist, as one-size pricing does not fit all library types? How do libraries report on and evaluate the impact of their Open Access (OA) agreements? What projects, initiatives, and infrastructures are being developed to sustain these models?

Historically, publishers and librarians worked well together to comply with funder mandates while helping authors navigate the increasing complexities of publishing. As we jointly work to create a more equitable world, how do we sort out sticky issues, such as publishing inequities between those who have funding and those who do not? Our discussion will address the push and pull in our respective worlds, as article processing charges (APCs) are now the commercial norm. Will preprints become the primary vehicle for unfunded, early career researchers and student researchers to disseminate discoveries?

Finally, how do external forces such as climate migration, political upheaval, and natural disasters affect and disrupt scholarly communications? Are global voices going unheard, or are scholars finding an alternative method to disseminate new knowledge? Are we ready for disruption in scholarly publishing in a new AI-driven natural language processing world?

We will share examples and lead small-group discussions to obtain input from across the community.


“Social Hour at The Upstairs at Victor’s Seafood & Steak”
Tuesday, November 07, 2023 | 6:00–8:00 pm ET

Sponsored by the Copyright Clearance Center

The Charleston Conference is an informal annual gathering of librarians, publishers, electronic resource managers, consultants, and vendors of library materials and SSP members are usually well represented! We’d hate to miss an opportunity to catch up with our SSP friends and colleagues when there are so many in one place.

If you’re looking for some familiar faces, stop by the Upstairs at Victor’s Seafood & Streak during happy hour to informally network with your fellow SSP members and scholarly communications professionals! Feel free to bring a friend; everyone, member or not, is welcome!

Location: The Upstairs at Victor’s Seafood & Steak
39F John St
Charleston, SC 29403

Our thanks to Copyright Clearance Center for sponsoring this meetup.