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Regional Event | New England

Join us for the SSP New England Regional Event

When: April 23rd 7:00- 9:00 pm
Where: Emerald Group Publishing, 120 Beacon St #202, Somerville, MA 021430

How We Are Changing the Culture in the MIT Libraries, and How You Can Do It, Too

What efforts are you making (or could you be making) to advance the values of equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice at your organization? By influencing behaviors through actions small and large, we can each shape our cultural environment in ways that matter. But what are those “actions small and large,” and where do you start? Everyone starts in a different place: exactly where they are. This session is designed for everyone — whether you’re just beginning to engage with these topics or have been doing this work for years, there is something here for you. Together, we will discuss steps (small, large, and some medium as well) we’ve taken in the MIT Libraries to bring us closer to realizing these important values in our organization. We’ll learn about practical tools and exercises you can use at your workplace, to open and continue the conversations.

Speaker: Kim Maxwell

Kim Maxwell is Head of the Acquisitions & Appraisal Department in the MIT Libraries. In this newly-defined role, she seeks to broaden the definition of acquisitions beyond the traditional with a team committed to innovation and experimentation in the field of library and archives acquisitions and appraisal. She has been involved in serials and acquisitions work for nearly 25 years, most of them at MIT. Her work currently focuses on building partnerships within the scholarly communications arena, leading staff through transition and change, and creating professional development and educational opportunities. Her work as a member of the MIT Libraries’ Design Team for the 2018-2019 year-long staff development program “Managing for Learning and Inclusion @ the MIT Libraries” has been a transformative experience, providing a rich and rewarding space to explore the values we’ll be talking about in this program. She holds an A.B. in English from Bowdoin College, and an MLS from The Catholic University of America. Outside of work, Kim is an avid traveler, lover of art and art history, and ardent supporter of independent bookstores worldwide.

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