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SSP NY Regional Event September 2018

Thursday, September 13, 2018
Rockefeller University, Welch Hall
New Yort, NY

Metadata 2020 is a collaboration of Publishers; Librarians; Service Providers and providers of Platforms and Tools; Data Publishers and Repositories; Researchers; and Funders. They have the shared mission of improving the richness, connectedness, reusability and openness of metadata for all research outputs.

The collaboration launched in September 2017, receiving an overwhelmingly positive reaction, and individuals from across the different scholarly communications communities define the core problems for each community. Now in 2018, they have formed cross-community collaborative projects to address some of the core issues to metadata improvements. From metadata mapping, making metadata vocabulary more consistent, and forming best practice statements; to creating metadata evaluation tools, forming and communicating business cases to enrich metadata, and communicating the importance of metadata to researchers; these projects will be undertaken optimizing considerable metadata experience from across scholarly communications. They understand the need to break down silos and work as a wider scholarly communications community to find solutions that work for everyone, with the ultimate goal of benefiting research.

In this panel discussion and presentation, Metadata 2020 participants will outline some of the challenges and opportunities uncovered by each community group, and discuss how this led to the projects that are being taken forward in 2018. They will summarize the project work done to date, and give an overview of their future plans. Finally, they will invite discussion and future participation in Metadata 2020 for those interested in taking action to help illuminate research.


Paul Dlug, Director, Information Technology, Journal Platform and Infrastructure, American Physical Society
David Schott, Senior Manager, Data Engineering, Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.
Jabin White, Vice President of Content Management, JSTOR/ITHAKA