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SSP UK Regional Event September 2018

Thursday, September 27, 2018
The Stables, Springer Nature Campus
London, UK 

We live in a world of potential misinformation, of fake news and of powerful communications media (and often social media) that can be misappropriated. As some people turn their backs on experts and traditional information sources, technology increasingly plays a crucial role in our search for the truth. So how have we ended up here, and how do we know which information and what sources to trust? What are the political, economic, and social consequences of an attention- and algorithmically-driven society? And what is the role of academia, research and science, in a world where increasing numbers of people appear to reject scientific rigour in favour of whichever narrative simply reinforces their world and political view?

Join an expert panel of publishers, journalists, researchers and tech professionals in a lively discussion about these issues at this SSP Regional Event, hosted at Springer Nature’s London campus.


David Bull, Vice President for Business, Economics, Political Science & Law publishing at Springer Nature, the world renowned academic publisher


Michael Parker, Membership Editor at The Conversation UK
Jennifer Pybus, Lecturer in Digital Culture and Society at KCL and contributing author to the new book “Trump Media War
Lusiné Mehrabyan, Community Manager at FactMata
Heather Staines, Director, Partnerships at Hypothes.is