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Technology Blitz A Practical Update on the Next Generation Technology

November 13, 2007, American Geophysical Union, Washington, DC

Traditional journal and book workflows are undergoing considerable change. Market dynamics and technology are converging and driving publishers and their service providers to collaborate to affect significant change and improvement. There is consistent and growing pressure for “better, faster, cheaper.” This session will take a practical look at how publishers and their service providers are employing technology to respond to these pressures.

The session will address questions such as:

  • Is the “fully electronic workflow” fact or fiction? If it is real, how have publishers and their service providers partnered to fully eliminate the need for any hardcopy input or output?
  • How has XML been fully integrated into the process and what are the benefits? How is it integrated with the copyediting and composition processes?
  • Do Web-based electronic peer review systems have the potential to benefit production processes, and are the links between the processes seamless? What other functionality are these systems likely to deliver in the future?
  • Is digital printing technology applicable for the journal? If so, how and when will journals migrate to this technology? What is the potential impact on quality, costs and delivery times?
  • What is “metadata” and its relationship to the journal workflow?

Seminar Managers and Moderators:

  • Frank J. Stumpf, Jr., President and Chief Operating Officer at SPI Publisher Services
  • Todd Carpenter, National Information Standards Organization


  • Bruce Rosenblum, CEO of Inera Incorporated
  • Dave Levy, Assistant Director of Software Engineering, American Chemical Society
  • David Yakimischak, Chief Technology Officer of JSTOR
  • Kevin Pirkey, Vice President and co-owner of Odyssey Press, Inc.
  • Linda Drumheller, Director of Editorial Production, American College of Physicians
  • Mark Walter, Consultant in Content Technology Strategies
  • Peter Butterfield, Vice President, head of Research and Development, PubLink
  • Wendy Shank, Senior Production Manager of Science Magazine


Bruce Rosenblum, CEO of Inera Incorporated, has more than twenty years of experience designing and implementing electronic publishing solutions. He co-authored the National Library of Medicine journal and archive DTDs, and developed the CrossRef Metadata Deposit Schema. Mr. Rosenblum leads the design and development of eXtyles, Inera’s integrated suite of tools for Microsoft Word that automates editorial and XML production processes.

Dave Levy, Assistant Director of Software Engineering, American Chemical Society, is the co-discoverer of comet Shoemaker-Levy and numerous other comets. He has authored over twenty books, and is the science editor of the Sunday Parade magazine, having replaced Carl Sagan. He writes a monthly column in Sky & Telescope magazine, and has recently completed biographies of his close friends Gene Shoemaker and Clyde Tombaugh (discoverer of Pluto).

David Yakimischak, Chief Technology Officer of JSTOR, is responsible for software development and operations. Before joining JSTOR, David held senior technology positions at organizations in finance, publishing, and healthcare. JSTOR is a not-for-profit archive of scholarly journals, now representing the full runs of more than 400 journals and 15 million pages. More than 2,200 institutions of higher education participate in JSTOR.

Frank J. Stumpf, Jr., President and Chief Operating Officer, SPI Publisher Services. He joined SPI Technologies in late 1998 and assumed global P&L responsibility for SPI Publisher Services in 2000. He has overseen the development of this SPI business unit from a single customer in early 1999 to more than 35 customers in 2004. Prior to joining SPI, Frank spent 9 years with Cadmus Communications. He held various senior leadership positions in technology development and sales/marketing.

Kevin Pirkey, Vice President and co-owner of Odyssey Press, Inc., also serves as an account executive with SPI Publisher Services. Before joining Odyssey Press, Kevin held a variety of sales and sales management positions over a 17-year career with The Sheridan Group. He is a graduate of Ohio University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism with a specialization in graphic arts and visual communication.

Linda Drumheller, Director of Editorial Production, American College of Physicians, the nation’s largest medical specialty society, has 25 years of experience in electronic publishing.

Mark Walter, Consultant in Content Technology Strategies, is an author, editor, market analyst, consultant, and 20-year veteran of the commercial publishing industry. Walter specializes in helping publishers and their vendors understand and apply emerging electronic publishing technologies. His particular areas of expertise include content and digital asset management, SGML/XML, and cross-media publishing systems. Recent clients from within the scholarly publishing community include the American Medical Association, the American Chemical Society, Cadmus Journal Services, and IEEE.

Peter Butterfield, Vice President and head of Research and Development, founded PubLink in 2002. His company develops and sells the Penta composition system; before founding PubLink, he was the lead software developer for Penta Software, starting there in the 1970’s as a programmer. At Penta he became lead developer of the industry-standard MasterPage batch pagination and QualiType hyphenation/justification programs. His current focus at PubLink is automated XML composition.

Todd Carpenter, Director of Business Development with BioOne, an online aggregator of scholarly journals in the biological sciences. Todd directs content development, publisher relations, and sales. Before joining BioOne, Todd had been the Journals Marketing Manager at The Johns Hopkins University Press. He has also held marketing management positions at the Energy Intelligence Group and The Haworth Press.

Wendy Shank, Senior Production Manager of Science Magazine, published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, has worked in publishing since 1979 with a focus on publications production for both non- and for-profit organizations, including A.C. Nielsen Company and the Investment Company Institute. In 1991 she joined the staff ofScience, a weekly journal. A member of SSP since 1998, Shank was a speaker at both the 2001 and 2004 SSP Annual Meetings and served on the SSP Education Committee from 2000-2003. Outside the publishing industry Shank is a professionally trained personal chef, sings with a critically noted choral ensemble, and is an avid gardener at a community garden plot in northwest Washington, DC.