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The Next Frontier: Incorporating Interactive Visualizations in Online Journal Content

Thursday, May 20, 2010 from 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Eastern Time

Until recently, online journals were fairly static. Most provided readers with an abstract and the full text in two formats, PDF and HTML. Display items such as figures, schemes, and tables were presented as 2D images, surrogates of print. Recent advances in visualization and presentation tools have provided opportunities to enhance the interactivity of traditional journal articles with 3D features including interactive images, videos, and linking to large datasets to name a few.

The Society of Scholarly Publishing, in collaboration with the Association of American University Presses, invites you to join us for a 90 minute web seminar focused on enhancing journal articles with interactive visualizations. Speakers will presents examples of integrating interactive content into the published record and review the necessary infrastructure required to transition the journal article from a static 2D unit to a 3D hub with links to all data and resources associated with the published conclusions.

Content interactivity has the potential to enhance usage of content, improve understanding of technical journal content among a broader audience, allow authors to present complex data in multiple formats, facilitate the usage (and hence citation) of data published in the journal article, serve as educational tools to more widely disseminate research content to a broader audience including non-specialists, and increase linking of published content with a growing number of databases.

The experienced speakers will showcase specific examples where journals have integrated interactive 3D content in articles and explore new features that enhance the presentation of complex content in the digital world. They discuss the resources and costs involved in establishing the infrastructure to support their efforts, and review the decisions that needed to be made before they began the projects.

The speakers will also address creation, editing, reviewing and archiving such interactive content. They will also speculate on where these developments are taking journal publishing. How will these and other forms of interactive visualization complement or supplant the traditional publication? How will journals differ from databases in the future? And what are the implications in terms of current norms in version control and citability?

Join us if you want to:

  • Understand emerging trends in interactive visualization
  • Find out what types of visualization can be included with the published records
  • Discover the benefits of including interactive content with journal articles
  • Learn about the challenges of doing so from experienced practitioners
  • Explore the future of the journal article


  • Evelyn Jabri, ACS
  • Jennifer Pesanelli, FASEB


  • Michelle Borkin, Harvard School for Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Michael J. Ackerman, Assistant Director for High Performance Computing and Communications, National Library of Medicine
  • Emilie Marcus, Editor-in-Chief, Cell


  • Philip E. Bourne, PhD, Professor, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of California San Diego