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Regional Event | Washington, DC: Reimagining the Post-Pandemic Workforce, Part 2

In the summer of 2021, the DC regional committee held a webinar discussion about whether we will continue to work from home or return to the office, what the “new normal” will look like, and how we will reimagine our office space, culture, onboarding, mentoring, and more. Now that many of us are back in our offices at least a few days per week, please join us for a follow-up interactive conversation with some of our original panelists, the DC regional group, and guests the afternoon before the STM Conference where we will catch up on where we are now and how it compares to our 2021 expectations. Happy hour nearby to follow and first round of drinks included.


Emma Hennessey, Founder and Principal Consultant, Perkins & Hennessey

Jon Gurstelle, Senior Director, Publications, American Political Science Association


Jack Farrell, Managing Director, Jack Farrell & Associates 

Jess Okeze, Manager, HR Operations Americas, Software AG

Simone Taylor, Publisher and Chief of Publishing Operations, American Psychiatric Association