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Webinar | We CAN, but SHOULD We? Launching a New Product or Service (or Not)

Tuesday, March 19

Publishers try out a lot of new ideas, and some succeed, but many fail. If you’re NOT “too big to fail”, are there ways you can increase your odds of success? In this moderated panel discussion, a group of experienced innovators will share what they’ve learned, revealing how to mitigate risk as you develop and implement new products and services. Speakers will address:

• How to evaluate an idea for a product or service
• Factors that make a product or service a success
• Lessons learned from products that were (or weren’t) successful
• How to measure success vs. failure, and when to decide to cut losses and move on

Featuring representatives from a tech startup, a university press, and a society publisher, this webinar will bring a range of perspectives to bear on the many issues and challenges surrounding innovation. Questions are not only welcome, but encouraged!


Sylvia Izzo Hunter is Marketing Manager at Inera, Inc., which specializes in intelligent automation for publishers including eXtyles and Edifix software. Before joining Inera she worked for over 20 years in university press publishing, where she was involved primarily in journals editorial and production, XML conversion and QA, and ebook production.


Neil Blair Christensen is head of sales in the Americas for UNSILO, an AI startup focusing on the publishing industry. Prior to joining UNSILO, his experiences included publishing roles in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the US with Munksgaard, Blackwell, Nature Publishing Group, Wiley, and University of California Press. He has worked in production, editorial, and product and business development, from journals to clinical solutions, and across the humanities, social sciences, health and life sciences. New product and services development have been core objectives of all his senior roles. In addition, he has been involved in consumer startups outside of publishing.

Daniel Griffin is the first Web Presence Manager for Duke University Press, where for the past three years he has been responsible for developing and delivering the strategic road map for the Press’ web portfolio, including its marketing, e-commerce, and scholarly publishing platforms.



Dr. Tammy Hanna is an Assistant Director and Publisher in the American Chemical Society’s Publications Division. Tammy’s responsibilities include the management of a team of publishing professionals in the US and China, the strategic development of a portfolio of 24 journals including the flagship ACS journal, new journal development, and journal acquisitions. Tammy was instrumental in developing ACS Reviewer Lab, a free online tutorial for researchers who wish to hone their peer review skills. She serves as the co-Chair of the Council of Science Editors Membership Committee.