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Webinar | Coalition for Diversity and Inclusion in Scholarly Communications

Spotlight on Neurodiversity

Neurodivergence is the divergence of mental or neurological functions from what is considered typical. Neurodiversity is the array of neurotypes in a space which can lead to differences in thinking, attention and memory. Neurodivergent is an umbrella term for conditions including but not limited to ASD, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, Bipolar, OCD, anxiety disorders, and Tourette’s Syndrome. Research suggests that approximately 15-20% of the population is neurodivergent, a segment that contributes a wealth of valuable and unique strengths to scholarly communications. However, this group encounters distinct challenges within professional, educational and social environments. By fostering inclusive and accessible working environments that provide the necessary support, organizations stand to unlock the vast potential for creativity and innovation inherent in this diverse population.

This enlightening panel is tailored for scholarly communications professionals seeking a deeper understanding of neurodiversity and a desire to actively support their neurodivergent colleagues. We will discuss:

  • How workplaces can implement policies and procedures for supporting colleagues
  • Understanding language and terminology
  • Lived experience examples of navigating the workplace

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Dianndra RobertsDianndra Roberts, Senior Publishing Coordinator, Royal College of Psychiatrists
Dianndra is the Senior Publishing Coordinator at the Royal College of Psychiatrists working across the books and journals portfolio. In 2019 she founded the RCPsych African and Caribbean Forum. Dianndra has been the ISMTE DEI Advisory Council Co-Chair since 2021 and joined The Scholarly Kitchen/SSP in 2022 as DEIA Associate Editor. Dianndra is passionate about equity, diversity, and inclusion and how we can use our platforms to be active allies, especially in the workplace.



Photo of Amanda RogersAmanda Rogers, Communications and Engagement Manager, BioOne
In 2021, Amanda became a part of the scholarly publishing community, and now serves as the Communications and Engagement Manager and DEIBA Liaison at BioOne. Alongside her primary role, she actively contributes to diversity and inclusion initiatives as a member of the SSP Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Committee. Amanda’s background prior to joining the world of scholarly communications spans various industries, including environmental and educational nonprofits. As a neurodivergent professional, she passionately advocates for equality, respect, and the comprehensive societal inclusion of neurodivergent individuals, reflecting her dedication to cultivating an inclusive and equitable professional environment. 


Photo of Sara RouhiSara Rouhi, Director of Publishing Development, The Americas, PLOS
Sara Rouhi is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at PLOS focusing on developing new business models for sustainable, inclusive open access publishing. Since she’s joined PLOS, the organization has launched three non-APC based business models, one of which — Community Action Publishing — was awarded the ALPSP award for Innovation in Publishing. As a member of PLOS’ leadership team, she works to ensure PLOS’ commercial work aligns closely with its mission to foster open science globally. Sara is active in the scholarly communications community as a volunteer and thought leader speaking frequently on open access, equity in publishing, and diversity in scholarly communications. She is currently Board Member for the a Society of Scholarly Publishing (SSP) and was the recipient of SSP’s Emerging Leader award in 2015.  

When Sara is not thinking about scholcomm she’s teaching and performing long-form improv in Washington DC for Washington Improv Theater. She is a strong advocate for bringing the skills of improv into the workplace to foster trust building, communication, and leadership strategies. Find her #scholcomm, politics, and improv rants on Twitter @RouhiRoo

Katy Alexander photo

Katy Alexander, Founder & Director, The Remarkablz
Entrepreneurial and results-oriented marketing, operations and analytics professional with deep B2B/B2C experience for technology, investment firms, and high-growth startups. Katy works with, and on leadership teams to embed data-guided marketing functions at the heart of organizations. Katy is also a supporter for the building of diverse, cross-functional teams as these are core to values-led business environments, particularly those grappling with internal transformations or market-driven change.

Emily Banks photo

Emily Banks, Founder and CEO, Enna Global
Emily Banks is the CEO of Enna, which she founded 3 years ago, inspired by her neurodiverse family. She has ADHD, her Dad is autistic, her older brother is autistic, and another brother is dyslexic. At university she realized the struggles they faced completing application forms and conducting interviews, as do millions of other neurodivergent job-seekers around the globe. She founded Enna to educate employers on the value that neurodiversity brings to their organizations, whilst connecting neurodivergent job-seekers to job opportunities with neurodiversity-friendly employers.

SSP is proud to be a founding member of the Coalition for Diversity and Inclusion in Scholarly Communications. Learn more about C4DISC.

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