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The New Publishing Normal Managing Rapid Data Dissemination, Open Research, and Organizational Growth

A threshold has been reached resulting in an overwhelming push for both openness of peer review as well as rapid sharing of research and the valuable associated data. How this is being implemented by researchers, innovative publishing leaders, and technologists is widely varied.

Disruptive innovations and publishing risk takers are propelling growth in sharing and interaction among scientists, and implementing change in scholarly publishing business models.

Hear from Tracey DePellegrin Connelly, Executive Editor, Genetics Society of America (GSA) Journals, on how GSA has created a workable model for publishing a fully open access title, G3, in the face of tight budgets and a commitment to opening up not just the published content but also the associated data.

And looking forward to the imminent tomorrow, learn how Hypothes.is is leading the way in providing technology to enable a model of workable, controlled community peer review across scholarly content. Peter Brantley, Director of Scholarly Communication, will share how Hypothes.is is “bringing crowd-sourced peer-review to the event horizon where information is produced”.

The unifying intention of GSA and Hypothes.is is to enable access to valuable scholarly content and grow collaboration among the research community for the ‘greater good’.

Join this webinar to find out:

  • How you, as a non-profit or commercial publisher, can manage the disruptive openness for both growth and gain within your own organization
  • What post-publication peer review looks like within the framework of Hypothes.is apps