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05.25.2023 | Member News & Releases

Aries Systems and Prophy Partner to Diversify Reviewer Search and Invitation

Aries Systems Corporation, a leading technology workflow solutions provider for the scholarly publishing community, and Prophy, a scientific knowledge management provider, are pleased to announce their partnership to further enhance Reviewer search and invitation for scholarly publishers.

With a finite number and high demand, finding qualified Reviewers with diverse backgrounds is a daunting task for journal Editors and editorial staff. Many journals have their own Reviewer database to call on, however their needs often outweigh the number of Reviewers readily available and locating new researchers for their pool can be challenging. Aries Systems and Prophy have partnered together to help alleviate this bottleneck by offering publishers the ability to integrate Prophy’s Referee Finder, a Reviewer searching platform and matching tool, with Aries’ Editorial Manager® (EM), the leading manuscript submission and peer review tracking system.

Publishers using EM will be provided with recommendations for Reviewer candidates through Prophy’s extensive database of over 60 million researchers, drawn from a collection of over 150 million articles. Prophy’s Referee Finder tool automatically creates a Reviewer profile and ranks each Reviewer according to their semantic similarities to a reviewed manuscript or proposal. This integration allows Editors to quickly surface and connect with the most relevant and available Reviewers. Moreover, it enables Editors to diversify their Reviewer pool and identify early career researchers. Once a Reviewer is selected, automated invitations can be sent directly from EM without any disruptions to workflows.

Aries remains dedicated to connecting its customers with enabling technology focused on enhancing the user workflow and experience. Prophy’s Referee Finder tool is one of several Reviewer search tools available within Aries’ ecosystem of workflow innovations.

“Aries is thrilled to partner with Prophy to effortlessly connect Editors to qualified referees leveraging semantic technologies, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing,“ stated Aries Director of Business Development, Pierre Montagano. “This partnership and offering further demonstrates Aries’ commitment to expand our ecosystem of workflow tools to best meet the needs of our user community.”

“As the CEO of Prophy, I’m incredibly excited about our collaboration,” said Professor Alexey Boyarsky. “By integrating our tools into the editors’ workflow, we can ensure that all journals across the sciences benefit from our platform. We look forward to a strong partnership with Aries and are eager to continue bringing our tools to those who need them.”

About Prophy | www.prophy.science

Prophy is a Scientific Knowledge Management organisation that deliver a suite of peer-review solutions for both granting agencies and publishers. We were founded by physics professors to improve the state of peer-review. We are committed to providing fair, independent and diverse experts to a range of problems across the academic sphere.

About Aries Systems |  www.ariessys.com

Aries Systems transforms and revolutionizes the delivery of high-value content to the world. We are committed to providing highly customizable, flexible, and innovative workflow solutions designed to help enhance the discovery and dissemination of human knowledge. Publish faster, publisher smarter, with Aries Systems.

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