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10.28.2019 | Member News & Releases

Atypon Launches Manuscripts, a Collaborative Authoring Tool that Speeds Publication and Lets Researchers Integrate Code & Data

October 23, 2019 – Santa Clara, CA – Researchers continually struggle with authoring tools that aren’t built for their collaborative, data-driven projects. With Manuscripts, a free, open source web app designed specifically for scientific writing, scholarly authors can now write, collaborate, format their research papers for submission to journals—and include the code and experimental data behind their research.

Manuscripts enables multiple authors to work together, intuitively and with ease, editing and annotating in real time to eliminate versioning headaches and the need to reconcile multiple drafts. By allowing users to include all related data and code directly in the article from the time they begin writing, Manuscripts makes it easy to share, verify, and reproduce experimental results.

Manuscripts is compatible with Microsoft Word and many other word processors researchers currently work with, enabling users to upload their existing work. Figures can even be created directly from data in the paper through an integration with Jupyter, a popular computational notebook application used by scientists.

With over 1,300 built-in, journal-specific article templates, researchers can format and reformat their papers for submission faster. Publishers receive properly formatted manuscripts, accelerating time to publication and significantly reducing editorial costs.

“Manuscripts was developed to solve the frustration researchers face when working with traditional word processing tools,” said Georgios Papadopoulos, Atypon’s founder and chairman. “It gives scholarly authors the tool they’ve long needed to work with and publish all the artifacts of their research—not just a paper summarizing its results.”

Researchers and practitioners can visit www.manuscripts.io to sign up, with both browser and installable versions of the app available. Publishers will find information on incorporating their submission guidelines and template into Manuscripts.

Manuscripts is a completely rebuilt version of the original Manuscripts app for Mac, downloaded over 150,000 times worldwide. Its inventor and chief developer, Matias Piipari, has spent a decade building popular researcher-adopted productivity tools after graduating from Cambridge University with a PhD in computational biology. Dr. Piipari became Senior Product Developer for Collaborative Research and Authoring Tools at Atypon after his company’s acquisition in 2017.

“With Manuscripts I wanted to re-imagine word processing for the needs of reproducible, open science,” said Dr. Piipari, “and I was thrilled that Atypon shared the vision of a modern, fully Open Source solution to further its adoption and development.”

Manuscripts is the second in the suite of new productivity-enhancing researcher tools that Atypon has released this year, following the September launch of Scitrus, an AI-driven personalized discovery tool for researchers and practitioners.

About Atypon Atypon develops publishing technologies for getting mission-critical content into the hands of the practitioners and researchers who need it most. Atypon’s online publishing and website development tools let publishers manage, deliver, and monetize all of the content they distribute—from standards and scholarly articles to videos and online courses. Atypon’s tools for researchers let them easily author, discover, and access the content they need. Founded in 1996, Atypon is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with over 470 staff in 9 offices around the world.

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