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07.27.2022 | Member News & Releases

Cabells Launches Journalytics Medicine & Predatory Reports

BEAUMONT TX, July 27, 2022 – Cabells has announced the launch of Journalytics Medicine & Predatory Reports, their newest search platform dedicated to the medical research community. With in-depth information on over 7,000 verified medical journals and 16,000 predatory journals, this curated database providing submission guidelines, detailed metrics, historical trends, and more helps researchers, librarians, funders, and administrators discover, verify, and evaluate quality medical journals.

Users can assess verified medical publications across 37 disciplines by browsing, searching, or filtering for specific goals. Every publication included in Journalytics Medicine has been hand-verified and evaluated using a comprehensive set of selection criteria. Journal listings include bibliographic information, submission and manuscript details, access model, fee, and reuse information, and citation-backed metrics providing measures of discipline strength, influence, and attention, powered by partnerships with top data organizations.

Each entry in Predatory Reports displays information on how to identify the journal in the real world as well as a comprehensive report detailing each violation that was uncovered during the journal’s evaluation. Journals are examined by Cabells review teams against more than 70 behaviors that contradict standard industry practices and are indicative of deception. Predatory Reports provides complete records of a publication’s behaviors broken down by level of severity in categories such as integrity, peer review, publication and business practices, fees, indexing, and more.

For more information on Journalytics Medicine & Predatory Reports visit medicine.cabells.com.

About Cabells

Cabells generates actionable intelligence on academic and medical journals for research and healthcare professionals. On the Journalytics Academic platform, an independent, curated database of more than 13,000 verified scholarly journals, researchers draw from the intersection of expertise, data, and analytics to make confident decisions to better administer research. In Predatory Reports, Cabells has undertaken the most comprehensive and detailed campaign against predatory journals, currently reporting on deceptive behaviors of over 16,000 publications. The Journalytics Medicine & Predatory Reports platform is dedicated to the medical research community and provides submission guidelines, detailed metrics, historical trends, and more on over 7,000 verified medical journals spanning 37 disciplines, in addition to the full protection of thousands of Predatory Reports. By combining its efforts with those of medical and academic researchers and publishers, industry organizations, and other service providers, Cabells works to create a safe, transparent, and equitable publishing ecosystem that can nurture generations of knowledge and innovation.  For more information please visit Cabells or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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