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10.07.2021 | Member News & Releases

CCC Launches Semantic Search Capability Within RightFind Navigate Through Partnership With SciBite

RightFind Navigate with Semantic Search Delivers Relevant Scientific Concepts Quickly Across Diverse Data Sources, Supports Competitive Intelligence, and Accelerates Discovery

CCC Also Announces RightFind Enterprise Enhancements to Personal and Shared Libraries and Supplemental Materials Auto Delivery

October 7, 2021 – CCC, a leader in advancing copyright, accelerating knowledge, and powering innovation, announces the availability of Semantic Search within RightFind Navigate through a partnership with SciBite, an award-winning semantic technology organization and Elsevier company. CCC also announces several powerful features to RightFind Enterprise.

Pharmaceutical and life science companies must keep current with the latest biomedical research relevant to their own therapeutic programs. However, the accelerating amount of data generation and increasingly diverse range of sources can make it challenging to maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding. Through semantic enrichment in RightFind Enterprise, now extended to RightFind Navigate, users can locate relevant data beyond just the specific words used, letting them find even more relevant data associated with similar words and phrases. Established controlled vocabularies, such as SciBite’s VOCabs, which apply an explicit, unique meaning and description to scientific terms, provide comprehensive coverage of relevant terminology and the robust foundation necessary for an effective and impactful literature monitoring strategy.

RightFind Navigate and RightFind Enterprise are part of RightFind, named “Best E-Discovery Solution” by KMWorld in its inaugural Readers’ Choice Awards, which provides a single integrated and scalable solution to meet the evolving needs of today’s research organizations.

RightFind Navigate with Semantic Search helps researchers identify relevant concepts faster through an expanded search that incorporates over 20 million synonyms from SciBite’s biomedical vocabularies and semantically enriches search results from indexed and API-based data sources in real-time.

RightFind Navigate enables researchers to find relevant content more quickly and easily through contextualized discovery that is based on machine learning and smart data. Designed to streamline access to a broad spectrum of research information and data, RightFind Navigate unifies searching across multiple licensed content sources, publicly available data, and internal proprietary content, empowering researchers to reveal connections and drive innovation. The solution provides a flexible, scalable, open ecosystem designed to maximize organizations’ return on their content and data investments.

“Many of our RightFind Enterprise customers already enjoy the semantic search and reading experience with scientific literature thanks to our collaboration with SciBite,” said Lauren Tulloch, Vice President and Managing Director, Corporate Solutions, CCC. “CCC is thrilled to expand our partnership by enhancing RightFind Navigate’s diverse content and data sources with SciBite’s best-in-class semantic capabilities.”

“RightFind Navigate’s Semantic Search option, powered by our biomedical vocabularies, brings semantic enrichment to the search experience to turn information into knowledge and accelerate new discoveries,” said Rob Greenwood, CEO & President, SciBite. “SciBite remains committed to helping researchers better identify critical connections in their data to support research and unlock discovery.”

CCC is also introducing a range of powerful features to RightFind Enterprise, including the ability for researchers to:

  • See available reuse rights in personal and shared libraries to minimize infringement risk without interrupting workflows
  • Order multiple articles in personal or shared libraries with one click
  • View the average rating from colleagues for an article in shared libraries, including the number of reviews
  • More easily view a large number of supplemental material files in one convenient list

CCC helps companies manage vast amounts of published content and proprietary internal information and data. CCC has established a proven track record of working with a wide range of companies, including content providers and technology partners, to unify data sources and make content more discoverable. The CCC team are experts in processing data from thousands of publishing houses and metadata aggregators accounting for more than 140 million unique records per year across a diverse set of industries.

ABOUT CCC A pioneer in voluntary collective licensing, Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) helps organizations integrate, access, and share information through licensing, content, software, and professional services. With expertise in copyright and information management, CCC and its subsidiary RightsDirect collaborate with stakeholders to design and deliver innovative information solutions that power decision-making by helping people integrate and navigate data sources and content assets.

ABOUT SciBite SciBite is an award-winning semantic software company offering an ontology-led approach to transforming unstructured content into machine-readable data. Supporting the top 20 pharma with use cases across life sciences, SciBite empowers customers with fast, flexible, deployable API technologies, making it a critical component in data-led strategies.

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