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02.16.2022 | SSP News & Releases

Connect with SSP and Current Issues in Scholarly Publishing

For many SSP members, the annual webinar series provides intriguing discussions and opportunities to think more broadly about our roles in scholarly publishing.

“For me, the webinars were my first way to really connect with SSP and I am sure other members feel the same way.”

–SSP member, Ande Nichols

The 2022 Webinar Series kicks off on February 24 with “A Beginner’s Guide to Flipping to OA.” This webinar presents practical advice and solutions for anyone considering transforming their publishing program from subscription or hybrid to full Open Access. Panelists from a commercial publisher, a university press, and a society publisher will discuss the opportunities and challenges that are common to all of them, and those unique to each. They will also present key points an organization needs to address in planning and achieving a successful transition. You can still register!

Jason Pointe of the International Anesthesia Research Society is organizing the 2022 series and shares:

“The 2022 Webinar Series is focused on providing insights on issues of both practical and strategic importance, common to a broad audience. We will delve into how to flip an existing journal to OA, trends in peer review that are likely to impact all of us, building and maintaining a journal brand strategy, and how to address some tricky ethical challenges. We will also look into our crystal ball to ask experts for predictions on future trends for which we need to prepare. And, of course, there will be opportunities for The Scholarly Kitchen chefs to weigh in on affairs of the moment!”

Explore the entire series:

Feb 24, 2022


A Beginner’s Guide to Flipping to OA

How do you know if you should flip your journal to OA, and then how do you make it happen? Our panel will discuss the key metrics that support the decision to flip as well as the process required to make the transition a success.

Mar 16, 2022


Current Trends in Peer Review

Equity and transparency in the review process and compensation vs. non-compensation for reviewers are just some of the hot topics under debate in current discussions about peer review. This webinar will highlight and summarize the most significant trends and provide examples of transformative models that work.

Apr 13, 2022


The Scholarly Kitchen: Topics in Scholarly Communications & Publishing

Jun 21, 2022


Identity Crisis: Building and Maintaining a Journal Brand Strategy

Scholarly journals represent more than just the articles collected therein. Sometimes they are more widely known and recognized than the organizations supporting them! There may also be contrasts between the branding of a journal and its perceived or actual utility to its discipline. This discussion will include input from various stakeholders—editors, authors, and researchers—to identify best practices for reconciling and realizing branding goals.

Sep 15, 2022


The Future of Scholarly Publishing: Three Trends to Be Ready For

What will the future of scholarly publishing look like? In this webinar, industry leaders will tell us what they see as the top three challenges we all need to prepare for. Should we focus on addressing the growing suspicion of science, shrinking funding for universities, critiques of the value of peer review, or the industry’s trend toward market consolidation? Or something else? Join us for a peek at the future and thoughts on how to get ready.

Oct 12, 2022


Three Ethical Challenges in Scholarly Communication

An international panel will discuss three ethical challenges in scholarly publishing today: citation leakage, text recycling, and ethical issues around data publishing. Speakers will present examples of how organizations are working to address these challenges from within the industry.

Nov 16, 2022


The Scholarly Kitchen: Topics in Scholarly Communications & Publishing

Why watch alone when you can watch with your colleagues? Bulk Registration Packages are available, each registrant receives separate access credentials.

Package of 5 Registrations – 20% discount
SSP Member – $200 | Non-Member – $300

Package of 10 Registrations – 30% discount
SSP Member – $350 | Non-Member – $525

Package of 25 Registrations – 50% discount
SSP Member – $625 | Non-Member – $937.50

Individual discounts are also available:

Purchase 3 webinars at the same time (on the same transaction) and receive 10% off your order. Use promotional code: WEB10

Purchase 6 webinars at the same time and receive a 15% discount on your order. Use promotional code: WEB15

And don’t forget – SSP is a CAE Approved Provider. Discounts cannot be applied retroactively if webinars are purchased separately. Bulk pricing and package discounts cannot be combined.

News contribution by SSP member, Nicola Poser. Nicola is Director of Marketing And Sales at the American Mathematical Society.

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