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10.24.2017 | Member News & Releases

Delta Think Releases Updated Open Access Market Sizing Analysis

October 24, 2017 – Philadelphia, PA – Delta Think (www.deltathink.com), a consulting and advisory firm focused on innovation and growth in scholarly communications, today announced the release of a new Open Access Market Sizing analysis as part of the continually updated Delta Think Data & Analytics Tool (OA DAT). Launched in January 2017, OA DAT provides publishers, researchers, funders, and other stakeholders with an interactive, expertly curated, and regularly updated suite of information focused on Open Access. Today’s analysis provides an updated and enhanced version of the Market Sizing analysis released by Delta Think earlier this year. 

“This major update to the Market Sizing topic demonstrates our commitment to this product as well as the value of having a trusted independent third party managing an effort of this nature,” said Ann Michael, CEO of Delta Think. “Our position in the industry allows us to secure publisher revenue and volume data. We use that data to benchmark multiple public data sources, while keeping the data itself confidential. This process enables us to provide unparalleled insights into the complicated dynamics of the Open Access marketplace.”

This latest analysis finds the Open Access market showing strong progress, growing at a rate of 18% last year and on pace to grow by approximately 17% this year, with scholarly Open Access publishing on course to be a half billion-dollar market as we end 2017 and begin 2018. Other high level findings from the analysis include:

  • 2016 Open Access market at approximately $470m USD, up from $390m in 2015
  • Open Access represents 20-22% of market volume and 5-9% of market value
  • Hybrid activity now accounts for a larger proportion of OA revenue and volume than previously thought, and has been instrumental in driving the recent growth in OA above the previous 15% of overall volume mark

“For the first time, we have estimated the size of the hybrid market,” said Dan Pollock, who leads Data Analytics at Delta Think. “We combine multiple data sets and use our analytics expertise to put numbers on things that haven’t previously been quantified.”

Access to the full Market Sizing analysis as part of the Delta Think Open Access Data & Analytics Tool is available by subscription. For more information on subscribing to OA DAT or to request a demonstration of the service, visit us at www.deltathink.com/open-access. Sign up for Delta Think’s free monthly Open Access News & Views update at https://deltathink.com/open-access/sign-up-for-news-views/.

About Delta Think Open Access Data & Analytics Tool – The Delta Think Open Access Data Analytics Tool is a continually updated web accessible database, providing you with real-time access to both our market and trend analysis, and the underlying data that we collect, curate, and normalize as the foundation of our analysis. Available by subscription, the OA Data Analytics Tool lets you embark on your own investigation as you slice, dice, and manipulate the parameters of data visualizations (charts, graphs, plots, tables, etc.) to align with your specific interests. http://www.deltathink.com/open-access

About Delta Think, Inc. – Delta Think is a consulting and advisory firm focused on data-driven strategy, innovation, and growth in scholarly communications and association management. Our expertise includes market research and intelligence, enterprise and product-related digital strategy, new product ideation and development, enterprise, web and publishing technologies, and business and technology change implementation. Delta Think has worked with dozens of major commercial and non-profit scholarly societies and associations as well as educational publishers as they clarified their business objectives, gained insight into their customers’ needs, defined their digital strategy, built their product and services portfolio, implemented new tools and technologies, and developed new skills and expertise. We help organizations manage to change. www.deltathink.com

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