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07.11.2017 | Member News & Releases

Editage offers course on publication ethics free in China

July 11, 2017 – Shanghai, China – Editage, the global scholarly communications and author services company, announced that it would offer a free course on ethical publication in China for a limited time. Editage Insights, the author education arm of Editage, offers multiple courses on various aspects of publication. The online course titled Avoid retractions: Publish ethically was launched by Editage Insights earlier this year and is offered to authors worldwide for a fee of US$ 98. This course on publication ethics by Editage Insights would ensure that all authors have the basic understanding of ethical publication practices. Moreover, this course would be essential in grooming early-career researchers on good publication practices. By offering this course free in China, Editage has gone a step further in supporting the Chinese government and academia recover from an uncertain situation following the retraction incident. 

After the joint press announcement by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), Ministry of Health and Family Planning, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) on June 14, Editage released a statement supporting the Chinese government in its decision to thoroughly investigate the retraction incident and punish guilty authors and third-party vendors. In order to understand the sentiments of Chinese academia, Editage reached out to Scholarset, China’s leading academic social network for a comment about the decision of the Chinese government. “Scholarset strongly supports Chinese government’s tough stand on academic misconduct. We also call for a thorough review of root causes that partially contributed to the relatively wide spread misconduct in some community, and urge appropriate reform in evaluation and promotion system.”

Editage Insights also reached out to publication experts Dr. Caitriana Nicholson, Managing Editor, Chinese Physics C at the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Professor Caven Mcloughlin, academic trainer, consultant, and the former Editor-in-Chief of School Psychology International, a journal published by SAGE Publications. From an editorial perspective, they both supported the tough stand of the Chinese government.

Editage has always been an author-focused company and an advocator of ethical publication practices. Clarinda Cerejo, Editor-in-chief, Editage Insights, explained the decision by stating, “This course is designed to help authors distinguish between right and wrong. We feel that offering this course free of charge for a limited time will help authors build a sound understanding of ethical practices that they can adhere to for future publications. We will offer many such courses in the future to help groom early-career researchers in China.”

Please visit http://publication-courses.editage.com/p/avoid-retractions-and-rejections-publish-ethically/?product_id=305616&coupon_code=CHINA to take this free course today.

About Editage  – Founded in 2002, Editage (a division of Cactus Communications) is a global scholarly communications company with offices in Japan, China, South Korea, India, and the United States. Employing a global in-house workforce of over 600, Editage has served over 200,000 authors and edited close to 750,000 papers across 1,200 disciplines to date. Editage aims to help scholars break through the confines of geography and language, bridge the gap between authors and peer-reviewed journals, and accelerate the process of publishing high-quality research. Editage is also a founding member of the Coalition for Responsible Publication Resources (CRPR) (a coalition comprising Atlantis Press, Cabell’s International, Canadian Science Publishing, Editage/Cactus Communications, and Wolters Kluwer) that shares industry knowledge of irresponsible and predatory publication practices so that authors can make an informed decision before choosing a publication service. Editage is also a proud member of the Committee On Publication Ethics (COPE) and a member of the Alliance for Scientific Editing in China (ASEC), an alliance of six companies that is committed to ensuring that academic misconduct is prevented in the future. In addition to offering high-end scientific communication solutions, Editage is actively involved in author education through its comprehensive author resources site Editage Insights. Please visit www.editage.cn to learn more.

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