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10.24.2023 | Member News & Releases

Ex Ordo Announces New Direction as ‘Your Scholarly Events Partner’

At SSP’s Annual Meeting in May 2023, scholarly conference workflow experts Ex Ordo announced the new direction of their platform and their business. And today they are delighted to announce the launch of their new brand.

“Scholarly events are a key part of the research lifecycle; they’re important,” said Paul Killoran, Ex Ordo founder and CEO. “Many aspects of scholarship, like idea generation, publication, policy development, and research collaborations have their beginnings in scholarly events. I’ve always believed that meetings are the true social network of academia. When we bring people together, whether that’s in person or online, we unlock the potential for knowledge. To accelerate knowledge, we need to make it easier for these communities to meet. And it’s Ex Ordo’s mission to provide conference organisers and association professionals with the best solutions to run their meetings more effectively, to ensure that their valuable research reaches a broader audience.”

Ex Ordo’s software is designed specifically for the needs of scholarly events. The company believes that these needs are underserved, with event organisers often left feeling stressed and overworked, dealing with workarounds and lack of support.  

The new direction of Ex Ordo’s platform and business is focussed on solving three core problems impacting event organisers: bandwidth and capacity issues; integrating events with wider organisational workflows; and receiving quality, timely support.

Evolving their identity to better align with their values and the way they now serve their customers marks an exciting milestone for the company.

The revised logo represents the three foundational principles of Ex Ordo’s value offering – bandwidth, integrations, and support. And the new tagline – ‘your scholarly events partner’ – is a statement of intent, reaffirming the company’s commitment to their customers, partners, and the industry at large.

Besides a new logo, tagline, and colour palette, they have also made enhancements to both UI and UX design which accommodate a more inclusive user-experience. These changes will be rolled out across the Ex Ordo system and company website from 24 October 2023.

About Ex Ordo Ex Ordo is an events-focussed software company specific to scholarly needs, headquartered in Galway, Ireland. Event organisers and association professionals use the platform to plan, manage, and execute physical, online, and hybrid conferences for their communities. Linked into the core abstract management system are tools for programme building, delegate registration, a mobile app, print-ready book of proceedings, an integrated virtual platform to support interactive online events, and more – all backed by dedicated, expert support. For more info, visit www.exordo.com

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