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01.03.2024 | Member News & Releases

Hum Releases Comprehensive Guide to AI for Publishers

Hum just unveiled their latest whitepaper – The Bright Future of AI

Offering an optimistic yet pragmatic perspective, the whitepaper serves as an explainer, a guide, and a call to action for publishers to accelerate their AI efforts. 

Inside the report, Hum breaks down: 

  • The foundations of the current AI landscape 
  • Capabilities of generative, interpretive & predictive models, and the next frontier of multi-modal AI
  • Ways publishers are using AI for peer review, summaries, conversational search, content recommendations & more
  • AI trends to watch and practical ways to prepare for an AI future

“There’s a lot of ‘wait and see’ in the publishing industry right now, but AI is moving incredibly fast,” said Dustin Smith, Hum’s President and Co-founder.

“That progress isn’t going to slow down. There’s an enormous opportunity for scholarly publishers here, and we want them to thrive with the use of AI rather than be subsumed by new AI tools and platforms.”

You can download a free copy of the whitepaper here

About Hum Hum is an AI company focused on customer data – offering platforms, tools, and services that help publishers understand and activate their audience and content.
Learn more at hum.works.

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